2021 CIRI Shareholder Tax Information

The 2021 quarterly payments from the CIRI Settlement Trust Distribution Fund and the CIRI Settlement Trust Elders Fund are nontaxable; thus, tax forms will not be issued, and the payments will not be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

For those who received taxable payments from CIRI, such as resource revenue payments, prizes or taxable estate settlement payments, IRS form 1099s will be mailed no later than January 31, 2022. Please note you might receive more than one type of 1099, depending on the type of income received from CIRI. Additional 2021 tax information will be included in the January/February 2022  Raven’s Circle newsletter.

Shareholders with Qenek portal accounts may view and print their 1099s before copies arrive in the mail. An email will be sent to let you know when the forms are available in Qenek.

Shareholders who sign into their Qenek accounts on a quarterly basis have their names included in quarterly drawings for a YETI cooler. GreenLink drawings for shareholders who sign up to receive certain communications electronically, rather than in paper form, are also conducted quarterly for $500. Visit Qenek to create or access an account or to sign up for eDelivery.

It is your responsibility to accurately report your CIRI income on your tax returns and CIRI cannot provide tax advice. The proper IRS forms and schedules to use when completing your tax return may vary depending on the types of CIRI payments received. Shareholders are encouraged to consult with a tax advisor regarding individual circumstances and applicable federal and state tax requirements.