Friendship Potlatches

Thank You!

Thank you for joining us at our fall potlatches this year! It is always our honor to share time, tradition, culture, food, and remembrance with everyone. 2020 shareholder events kick off with our spring Information Meetings, followed by Annual Meeting in June. We’ll post schedules for this and for fall potlatch season in the new year. Thanks again!

Arts and Crafts

CIRI shareholders and confirmed descendants who are interested in displaying or selling arts and crafts should email or call (907) 274-8638 for information and to reserve space.

First held in 1985, the Friendship Potlatches offer CIRI shareholders an opportunity to socialize and celebrate important cultural traditions with family and friends. Every year, the Potlatch program includes cultural entertainment, children’s activities, Alaska Native arts and crafts booths, CIRI-affiliated nonprofit information booths, door prizes and a meal that includes traditional Alaska Native foods.

The Friendship Potlatches are open to CIRI shareholders, confirmed CIRI descendants* and their immediate family members (spouse, children and parents). CIRI identification cards are required.

*CIRI issues descendant identification cards once proof of lineal descent to a CIRI shareholder is confirmed. To apply for a card, direct lineal descendants of a CIRI shareholder (e.g., the child, grandchild, great grandchild, etc.) must submit a registration form and a copy of the state-issued birth certificate establishing his or her relationship to the shareholder. (If the name on your birth certificate differs from the descendant’s current name, or the shareholder’s name on the birth certificate is different from the name CIRI has on file, legal document(s) substantiating the name change are also required.) CIRI will have registration forms on-hand and would be more than happy to make copies of eligibility documents at the Potlatches.

Questions? Call (800) 764-2474 or (907) 263-5191 and press 0.