CIRI Shareholder and Descendant Programs


As a registered CIRI Descendant or CIRI Shareholder, you have access to a suite of benefits and programs provided by CIRI and its affiliated socially driven enterprises. These programs are intended to reach stakeholders at all ages, and we are currently developing new program offerings that will be launched this year. Keep an eye on this web page and CIRI’s social media channels for more information. Do you have questions about being a CIRI Descendant? Check out these FAQs!

Coming Soon! CIRI is forming a programs advisory committee to bring your voice into CIRI’s programming. If you are between 18-30 years old and interested, stay tuned and be ready to submit your application soon!

Current Programs and Benefits:

Virtual Mentoring:

Upcoming Deadline! Apply by July 22:
CIRI’s virtual mentoring program provides mentorship in several areas—careers, culture, board membership and more. Opportunities exist for anyone over 18 years old interested in being a mentor or having mentorship from one of our selected mentors. Applications are accepted year-round for this six-month program. Participants in this program can join from anywhere!

NextGen Programs:

CIRI’s NextGen programs will engage the future leaders of CIRI and spark an interest that will engage youth in CIRI’s business, heritage and culture for years to come, including the popular NextGen Day. Have a look at the host of NextGen programs here.

CIRI Internships:

CIRI welcomes our young Shareholders and Descendants to pull up their sleeves and work with the CIRI team!  Interested participants need a GPA above a 2.0 and enrolled or recently graduated from a two- or four-year degree program or vocational program.

CIRI Participation Committees:

CIRI Shareholders and registered Descendants are invited to provide your voice and perspective to your corporation.  Participation Committee slots are available for those over 18 years old, these committees represent Alaska, Anchorage, and the Lower 48.

Prize Drawings:

Descendants are eligible for prizes for signing up and utilizing your Qenek account, and by participating in our weekly Facebook Trivia.



Contact Us

Shareholder and Descendant Programs

Darla Graham, Associate Director
725 E. Fireweed Lane
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: (907) 263-5562
Email: [email protected]

Jordyn Ransom, Programs Coordinator
725 E. Fireweed Lane
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: (907) 263-5120
Email: [email protected]