Address / Name Change

When CIRI mail is returned as undeliverable, payments are held, interest-free, and the shareholder does not qualify to participate in any prize drawings until the address is updated.

Shareholders should update the address of record with CIRI any time their mailing addresses change, and should also update the address with the United States Postal Service. If the address on the CIRI records does not match the address on file with the Postal Service, CIRI mail—including payments—may be returned as undeliverable.

To protect shareholder records, CIRI does not accept address changes over the telephone. Shareholders with portal accounts may update their addresses electronically via Qenek. Shareholders without portal accounts may either return a completed Change of Address / Name Form to CIRI, or send a signed letter to CIRI that includes the new address, a working telephone number and the birth date or other information to confirm the shareholder’s identity. Address changes for shareholders under the age of 18 must be signed by the minor’s custodian.

Online forms and information on changing an address or submitting a mail-forwarding request with the Postal Service are available on the Postal Service website and at your local post office.

CIRI policy requires appropriate legal documentation before a name change may be made in a shareholder’s record. In the State of Alaska, a certified copy of the marriage certificate, which is available from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, may be used as proof of a name change; however, all other name changes require a court order.

Download:Change of Address / Name Form (PDF)

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