Missing Shareholders

CIRI needs your help locating missing shareholders.

We have received returned mail for the following shareholders. When CIRI mail is returned as undeliverable, distributions are held and the shareholder does not qualify to participate in any prize drawings until the address is updated.

Shareholders can fill out the change of address form at CIRI’s offices, or send a signed and dated letter that includes the new address, telephone number, birth date and the last four digits of their social security number. Shareholders with portal accounts may update their addresses electronically via Qenek.

As of 2/20/2019

Edgar Ailak
Della Ames
Matthew Jacob Anahonak
Egan Hugh Askay
Edward Charles Ayak Johnson
Dorothea Marika Barron
Thomas Michael Bellinger
Joseph Andrew Blasy
Hilma Bocatch
Kenneth Lawrence Boyle
Joanne Rae Brady
Debbie Edith Brewer
Steven Patrick Bright
Carolyn Jane Burns
Katarina Elise Burton
James Travis Burton
Lawrie W. Campbell Jr.
Rosalind Clara Carteeti
Terry Lynn Clark
Harry Siegfred Cleveland
Ruth Lorraine Cleveland-Baker
Rachel Joanna Cosgriff
Haley Elaine Cox
Shirley Jane Craig
Morgon Scot Davis
Gary Lee Dean
Darius William Dimascio
Christy Lynn Downs
Angela Marie Duncan
John Joseph Evan Jr.
William D. Ferguson
Garrett Leigh Fisk
Thomas M. Flood
Rosa Lynn Fry
Solomon Fiedel Garcia Sr.
Carlos Jaime Garcia
Amber Ellen Gardner
Luke Michael Gilmore
Jody Ann Guerrero
Dajon Michael Hale
Freddie Ray Hawes
Patricia Brown Heller
Elizabeth Alexis Hickok
Jon David Homer
Casey Ryan Honea
Will Roger Honea Jr.
Ronald Lyle Hunt
Vickie Lee Jackson
PS Annie-Rose Jacobs
Sheila Louise James
Walter Eric Johns Jr.
Shara Marisa Kay

Cristina Carolyn Korn
Victor Charles Leviness
Anthony Quentin Lieb
Jeannie Pearl Luna
Ruby Justina Luttrell
William Dean Luttrell Jr.
Anthony James Malburt
Debra Kay Marth
Nellie Lavonne Mayer
Justin Brant Meadows
Shaun Michael Moore
Brenda June Mulford
Melinda Mae Munson
Forrest James Nayukok
Diane Crystal Neese
Timothy Evert Neese
Richard William Nichuals Jr.
Nolan Ryan Ogle-Endresen
Louisa Telegruk Okpik
Michael Terrance O’Neill II
Crystal Michaela O’Neill
Shelbi Yvonne Oskolkoff-Campbell
Bryan Lee Outwater
Joy Gail Payne
Barbara N. Redington
Miles Brendan Richardson
Michele Lynn Rider
Confesor Erwin Rivera
Monte Allan Robson
Charlein Terese Sanford
Lucille Larrissa Setzer
Shane Allen Shumaker
Tony James Smart Jr.
Jennifer Nicole Smith
James Earl Smith
Judith Larabell Snow-Rosander
Kevin Lee Son
April Joy Steik
Veronica Ann Takeuchi
Adam Charles Thorpe
Martin Sean Tucker
Larry Arthur Tyone
Nathan Michael-Estrada Valdez
Sidney William Venturi
Susan Marie Wamser
Hayli Melissa Ward
Anthony Wayne Waterbury
Ralph Lee Watson
Christopher Lee Wells
Oleana Mary Westcoast
Jenell Ski Westcoast
Kristina Marie Yankovic
Bill Mirl Yates


Shareholder Estates

Also missing
When CIRI shareholders pass away, gathering the information necessary to settle the stock estate is often a difficult task and may delay settlement. CIRI is looking to contact the individuals listed below in connection with the following estates:
As of 2/20/2019

  • Estate of Thomas William Highsmith – Tonya Lorraine Highsmith
  • Estate of Lily Mae Marshall – Kamette R. Myers and Christian James Marshall
  • Estate of Richard Lloyd Sargent (aka Lloyd Richard Sargent) –
    Derek Bernard Sargent and John Michael Sargent Clark
  • Estate of Leonard Turgeon – Ashley Moore

If your name appears above or you know the whereabouts of any of the individuals listed above, please contact CIRI Probate at (907) 263-5191 or toll free at 1-800-764-2474, and select option 4.