Alaska Native Artist Directory Guidelines

CIRI’s Alaska Native Artist Directory is a free, online public resource featuring information on artists and their original, handmade Alaska Native artwork and non-consumable, traditional Alaskan handmade items. CIRI publishes the directory as a service to its shareholders and descendants. The directory allows CIRI shareholder and descendant artists to connect with other shareholders and descendants, as well as members of the general public, providing an avenue for potential sales.

Interested artists must complete a registration form and may also submit one photograph of an original artwork or handmade item that he or she has created. (Photographs may be in print or digital format, but must be at least 300 dpi resolution.) Artist listings consist of the photograph, if submitted, and information contained on the registration form. CIRI reserves complete discretion in deciding whether to list submitted information, along with the right to edit submitted information for grammar, brevity and taste.


  • CIRI shareholders and confirmed, registered CIRI descendants who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to submit information for publication in the Alaska Native Artist Directory.
  • All registrations are verified with CIRI records prior to posting.

Artist Responsibilities:

  • The Alaska Native Artist Directory registration form must be completely filled out. Incomplete forms will be returned.
  • Artists must ensure that their information remains current on the CIRI website. If the name, contact information or Silver Hand permit holder status changes, an email containing the new information and requesting that the artist directory be updated should be sent to [email protected]. If any artist information is outdated, CIRI will remove the artist listing until the information has been updated.
  • Artists must also maintain up-to-date contact information with CIRI’s Shareholder Relations Department. If CIRI receives returned mail (including eNewsletters) for the artist, the listing will be removed until the information has been updated.
  • Artists are responsible for selling their own artwork; CIRI does not sell artwork for artists, nor does it act as a representative for artists.
  • Artists are responsible for any taxes due in connection with sales of their artwork, if any. CIRI is not responsible for payment of any such taxes.

The Following Are Not Allowed:

  • Items that are consumable and/or edible (e.g., no tea roots, tea, roots, jams, etc.).
  • Items that are not original, handmade Alaska Native Artwork or traditional items.
  • Items that are vulgar or offensive.
  • Items that violate copyrights and/or are unlawful or stolen.

If you are a CIRI shareholder or a confirmed, registered CIRI descendant and you are interested in having your information included in CIRI’s Alaska Native Artist Directory, please complete the online artist directory registration form.

Submit Your Artist Registration Form

Questions? Please call CIRI’s Front Desk Coordinator at (907) 274-8638.