Wills and Gifts

Why file a stock will? Here are a few good reasons.
Why file a stock will? Here are a few good reasons.

CIRI shareholders understand the importance of legacy. Alaska Native culture, tradition, art and language survived thousands of years as one generation taught the next, ensuring that the values important to our people remained vibrant and alive in an ever-changing world.

Appointments with a member of CIRI’s Probate Team are available for assistance with completing your CIRI stock will or forms associated with a deceased Shareholder’s CIRI stock estate. To make an appointment with a member of CIRI’s probate team please call (907) 263-5540 or toll free (833) 263-5136.

As an ANCSA corporation, CIRI works to benefit its shareholders not just today but for generations to come. Shareholders can help extend this legacy by having a valid, up-to-date will on file with CIRI or giving a gift of stock. CIRI provides helpful information to assist shareholders in completing Stock Will forms and transferring shares as a gift.

To encourage every shareholder to have an updated will on file, CIRI established a Will Incentive Program in 2005. You may learn more about these and other important issues by selecting the topic of interest in the Wills and Gifts section displayed in the box to the left or by using the drop-down menu above.