Alaska Native Justice Center

November 2012 Adult Reentry Program graduation ceremony attendees.
November 2012 Adult Reentry Program graduation ceremony attendees.

The Alaska Native Justice Center (ANJC), a CIRI-founded nonprofit, developed the Adult Prisoner Reentry Program to promote the effective reintegration of offenders to communities upon release from prison and jail.

Reentry programming, which often involves a comprehensive case management approach, is intended to assist offenders in acquiring the life skills needed to succeed in the community and become law-abiding citizens.
“When prisoners are released with no resources, no shelter, clothing, food or support systems, and employers who won’t hire them, those facts often lead to new criminal behavior, more victims and a 66% recidivism rate in Alaska,” said ANJC Executive Director Walt Monegan.
The Justice Center’s Reentry Program works with inmates up to 180 days prior to and following release to help them develop a transition plan for their successful return to the community, providing resources for their immediate housing, clothing for job hunting, employment assistance, weekly support groups and individual case management during their first six months following release. The Justice Center works diligently with community partners and with each individual on changing behaviors toward becoming contributing members of society.
Since the program was established in 2009, the Justice Center has hosted biannual graduation ceremonies for clients that successfully complete the Reentry Program. The November 2012 graduation ceremony had nine graduates.
According to Jayson, a prior graduate of the Reentry Program, “The ANJC Reentry Program has been a catalyst and supercharger to positive change and today I am a successful citizen, having completed parole with no violations, I volunteer regularly, am active in my church and have an amazing career. I am so thankful that ANJC has been right alongside me the whole way.”
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