2017 Annual Meeting Prize Winners

The 2017 Annual Meeting of CIRI Shareholders included cash prize drawings for shareholders who submitted a valid proxy for any proxyholder or candidate by the proxy deadline (2 p.m. on May 25), or who registered to vote in person at the Annual Meeting. The winners, whose names are listed below, were randomly chosen in drawings conducted by Sramek Hightower, the independent accounting firm retained to assist with vote tabulation.

Name  Amount
Tammy L. Ashley $6,000
Stephanie S. Thompson $2,000
Larina A. Newhall $750
Howard O. Chickalusion $750
Raymond J. Ozenna $750
Bruce A. Johnson $750
Andrew A. Topkok $750
Eugene J. Wilson $500
Guy J. Hughes $500
Darlene M. Swenson $500
Stephanie S. Buffas $500
Duane C. Maney $100
Kimberly D. Rodgers $100
Roy L. Hansen Jr. $100
Myrna O. Traeger $100
Florence Kudralook $100
Edward C. Greenhalgh $100
Pamela J. Marsden-Maier $100
Dominik K. Dalton $100
Michael K. Scott $100
Ruth E. Hofstad $100