A word from the president, March 2014

By: Sophie Minich, CIRI president and chief executive officer

sophieminichThe unusually warm weather that settled over Anchorage this month has many of us thinking of spring—a time of renewal and growth. CIRI has done a lot of growing over the past year, and soon shareholders will have a chance to learn about the Company’s strides at our annual series of shareholder information meetings coming up in April and May.

One of my favorite things about the shareholder information meetings is the sense of community and kinship I feel when our shareholders gather together, not only to learn more about CIRI’s business operations but to catch up with old friends, tell stories and share food. In Anchorage, CIRI shareholders and employees have traditionally gathered at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center for the information meeting. However, since the coming year will mark an important transition for CIRI, we’re changing things up for this year’s Anchorage information meeting.

On Friday, April 18, CIRI will host an Anchorage Open House. Shareholders are invited to explore the halls of CIRI’s offices, meet one-on-one with members of CIRI’s Board of Directors, staff and management, and learn more about the work of CIRI’s departments. As with the shareholder information meetings, the Open House is meant to be a platform where CIRI shareholders can speak and be heard—where we can all share in CIRI’s successes and discuss how we can continue to grow.

The Open House is also an opportunity to say goodbye. Since 1977, the CIRI Building has been home to CIRI and several of its subsidiaries. It’s also been a source of pride for many of our shareholders, some of whom even helped build it from the ground up. At the time of its construction, our current building was heralded by industry experts as one of the first office buildings in Anchorage to break out of the “box” mold. With its unique shape, indoor garden and advanced energy conservation system, the CIRI Building’s design was seen as forward-thinking, while also having a low impact on the environment. When I look at the CIRI Building, I see our shareholders’ values reflected—values that include a connection to the land, sustainability and cultural diversity.

These same values guided the design of the new Fireweed Business Center, where CIRI headquarters will make its new home in 2015. While relocating to the new building will mark an exciting move for CIRI and its shareholders, I hope this year’s Open House will provide an opportunity for shareholders to reconnect with each other in the building that has seen years of growth and prosperity for our people and our Company.

The information meetings in Kenai and Puyallup will keep the traditional format, and I look forward to connecting with CIRI shareholders at those gatherings. Plans are still developing for the Anchorage Open House, so look for more information on the CIRI website as the date draws closer. I hope you’ll join us.