For more than forty years, CIRI has developed business ventures across Alaska and beyond with the well-being of our Shareholders and Descendants at the center of every decision. CIRI Shareholders and Descendants enjoy benefits that arise directly from the company’s emphasis on growing opportunities that profit our Shareholders and Descendants economically while also sustaining traditional cultural values.

In addition to Shareholder distributions, CIRI supports its Shareholders and their Descendants with employment resources, Alaska Native artist opportunities and a variety of Shareholder and Descendant programs.

CIRI Shareholders and Descendants are eligible for discounts and incentives with multiple businesses, and many CIRI Shareholder and Descendant-owned businesses offer discounts on the services they provide to both CIRI Shareholders and CIRI Descendants. To increase participation in certain programs, CIRI holds periodic prize drawings from the names of enrolled Shareholders who meet certain criteria and have a current mailing address with CIRI. Random prize drawings are also conducted from the names of confirmed, registered Descendants who have a valid email address on file.

CIRI’s diverse family of socially driven enterprises and tribally designated organizations offer additional advantages to CIRI Shareholders and their Descendants. For example, funding through The CIRI Foundation helps CIRI original enrollees and their lineal Descendants gain education and training, while other CIRI-affiliated nonprofits offer housing, employment, social and other services to other Alaska Native and Native American individuals residing in the Cook Inlet region.