CIRI maintains complete stock records for each Shareholder. Because CIRI stock records are the basis of determining who is entitled to receive distributions and to vote at meetings of shareholders, it is extremely important that the records are kept accurately. Access to all the forms needed to maintain and update your information, gift stock and more can be found below.  

Giving the gift of CIRI stock is a special way to share your Native heritage with loved ones and bring them into the CIRI family. CIRI offers a gifting packet with information on how to transfer shares. The packet also answers some of the most common questions about stock gifting.

Included in the stock gifting information packet are:

Take advantage of the ease and convenience of CIRI’s direct deposit service! 

Signing up is easy – follow the steps below:

Fill out an Authorization for Direct Deposit Form.

Attach proof of account ownership, such as a preprinted voided check, deposit slip, bank statement or letter from your financial institution confirming the designated account.  

Return the form and voided check or deposit slip to CIRI.


Make sure your name and address are up-to-date to avoid mail being returned. When CIRI mail is returned as undeliverable, payments are held, interest-free, and the Shareholder does not qualify to participate in any prize drawings until the address is updated. 

Change of Address / Name Form 

Shareholders must update their address of record with CIRI any time their mailing address changes and should also update their address with the Postal Service. If the address on their CIRI records does not match the address on file with the Postal Service, CIRI mail — including payments — may be returned as undeliverable. 

CIRI does not accept address changes over the telephone.  

Shareholders with portal accounts may update their address electronically via Qenek 

Shareholders without portal accounts may either return a completed Change of Address / Name Form to CIRI, or send a signed letter to CIRI that includes the new address, a working telephone number and their birth date or other information to confirm the Shareholder’s identity.  

Address changes for Shareholders under the age of 18 must be signed by the minor’s stock custodian. 

Online forms and information on changing an address or submitting a mail-forwarding request with the Postal Service are available on the Postal Service website and at your local post office. 

CIRI policy requires appropriate legal documentation before a name change may be made to a Shareholder’s record.  

Identification cards are printed and mailed to Shareholders on a quarterly basis, shortly after distribution checks are mailed.  If you are a new Shareholder, or an existing Shareholder whose stock has been reissued due to a name change, date of birth correction or a change in voting rights, you will receive a new identification card. You do not need to do anything to receive your new card.  Identification cards for Descendants will be sent once proof of lineal descent is confirmed.  Shareholders and Descendants with portal accounts can request replacement identification cards via Qenek. If you don’t have a Qenek account and would like a replacement, simply fill out the request for Replacement ID Card Form and return it to CIRI.  Descendants whose names have changed may receive a replacement card, provided the legal documentation substantiating the name change is provided to Shareholder Relations. Descendants who have lost or damaged their cards should contact Shareholder Relations to request a replacement. 

Descendant registration:

CIRI invites Descendants of CIRI Shareholders to register their information with the corporation. This allows CIRI and its family of socially driven enterprises to communicate regarding potential opportunities and items of interest and assist in making eligibility determinations for certain programs and services. Submitted information is treated confidentially and used only for these purposes, unless otherwise approved by the applicant. 

The CIRI Descendant Registry is for direct lineal Descendants (e.g., the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.) of CIRI Shareholders. 

To register, Descendants must submit a completed registration form and a copy of the state-issued birth certificate establishing the relationship to a CIRI Shareholder. If the Descendant’s name differs from the name on the birth certificate, or if the Shareholder’s name on the Descendant’s birth certificate is different from the name CIRI has on file, copies of the legal document(s) substantiating the name change are also required (e.g., a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption decree or other legal document). 

Identification cards are issued to confirmed Descendants. 

CIRI regularly communicates with Descendants through e-newsletters and announcements regarding items of interest (e.g., educational, training and job opportunities; upcoming events; and new programs and services). CIRI primarily communicates electronically but may occasionally send mailings on important topics. It is important for Descendants to maintain up-to-date contact information. A Contact Information Update Form is available for this purpose. Descendants who are 18 years of age or older and who have Qenek accounts may update their mailing address, phone numbers and email address and opt in to receive text messages with the latest updates and news. Descendants who regularly access their Qenek accounts have their names included in quarterly prize drawings.