CIRI’s stakeholder portal, Qenek, is a free, online resource available to all eligible CIRI shareholders and descendants. Qenek (a Dena’ina Athabascan word that means news or information) provides easy access to a wealth of news and information and allows shareholders the convenience of performing certain tasks and making certain record changes online.

Options available in Qenek include updating mailing addresses and other contact information, viewing payment information, printing dividend confirmations, viewing information about the shares owned, viewing and printing tax information and RSVPing for shareholder events. To maintain confidentiality and keep information secure, Qenek sign-in information should be treated confidentially and not shared.




Expanded eDelivery Options

We are excited to offer new electronic delivery options that allow both shareholders and CIRI to lessen our environmental impact. eDelivery options for shareholders include Annual Meeting materials, tax forms, CIRI Settlement Trust materials and other communications from CIRI and its family of socially driven enterprises. Because some shareholders have said they do not wish to receive them, we’ve also included an option to opt-out of receiving CIRI calendars, and there’s even an option that allows us to communicate with you via text messages. Shareholders and descendants can also call Shareholder Relations to opt-in to receive text messages.


Security Tip

Most of us know not to respond to unsolicited requests for personal information (e.g., name, birthdate, Social Security number, credit card or bank account information) by phone, mail, email or online.

To protect our shareholders’ confidentiality, it is equally important that we know who we are speaking to before releasing any information. That’s why CIRI Shareholder Relations staff ask questions intended to confirm your identity before discussing your CIRI records. The questions asked pertain to a variety of information contained in your CIRI stock records, such as verifying your shareholder identification number, which is one reason it’s so important to treat your shareholder identification number confidentially. However, like most legitimate businesses, CIRI will never ask you for your full Social Security number as a means of verifying your identity.

If for any reason you are unsure whether you are communicating with a CIRI staff member, simply advise that you will contact CIRI directly. Then, call CIRI Shareholder Relations as soon as possible by dialing (907) 263-5191 or 1-800-764-2474 (press “0”) and ask to speak to someone about your concerns.

Any legitimate business, including CIRI, should always be happy to answer identifying questions or to have you call them back at the number you have for that organization.