CIRI’s executive leadership team has extensive experience working on behalf of CIRI shareholders and a track record of success. The strength of CIRI’s management is defined by the diverse experiences and skills each member brings to the team. The business acumen and expertise of the team is complemented by respect for Alaska Native culture, people, villages and tribes in the Cook Inlet region, and a respect and appreciation for CIRI employees. 

President and Chief Executive Officer

Sophie Minich became CIRI’s president and chief executive officer in January 2013. In this capacity, Minich is responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s corporate strategies, programs, policies and procedures. She oversees all the company’s business operations and is the primary contact with the company’s stakeholders. 

CEO Elect

Swami Iyer is a leader with 25 years of experience in multi-billion dollar international and domestic companies and projects. Iyer joins CIRI from Aerospace Systems for Virgin Galactic, where, as President, he was responsible for leading the manufacturing, engineering and program management teams, processes, and facilities to support the design and build of its current and future fleet of vehicles.

President Elect

Previously serving as CIRI’s chief strategy officer for the last two plus years, Sarah Lukin plays a key role in identifying long- and short-term strategies and provides strategic leadership in a range of functions for the company. Sarah has over 20 years of experience working with indigenous businesses across the U.S. and Canada, including her previous roles as senior vice president and chief administration officer for NANA Regional Corporation, chief operating officer for Pt Capital, senior vice president of corporate affairs for Afognak Native Corporation and executive director of the Native American Contractors Association.

chief financial officer

Daniel Mitchell oversees CIRI’s Finance and Accounting, Business Development and Information Technology departments. He is responsible for CIRI’s financial management, accounting and internal control systems, and budget and financial reporting matters. He also directs efforts to make new investments, conducts and leads due diligence for new acquisitions, and heads up the company’s tax planning and compliance programs.

chief operating officer

As CIRI’s chief operating officer, Chad Nugent oversees the company’s diverse business operations and ensures execution of its comprehensive goals for performance and growth. 

vice president, general counsel

Stephanie Aicher is CIRI’s lead in-house counsel, responsible for the Company’s legal, human resource, benefits, probate and corporate compliance matters. Aicher joined CIRI in 2012 as associate counsel and oversaw legal matters related to real estate development projects and served as the Company’s compliance officer before assuming the position of general counsel in 2018.

vice president, corporate controller

As the Vice President, Corporate Controller Rhonda Oliver leads the Shareholder relations’ and accounting departments. Ms. Oliver oversees and ensures high-quality Shareholder customer service, communication and engagement with individual Shareholders.  As CIRI’s corporate controller, Ms. Oliver is responsible for the design, implementation and supervision of all accounting systems, financial reporting, financial controls, budgeting and treasury functions.