Harnessing nature’s power to energize communities

For centuries, our people have thrived in harmony with the forces of nature. Today, CIRI employs the latest technologies and finance strategies to harness the power of renewable energy in Alaska, the Lower 48 and globally. Our energy projects create jobs and economic activity while generating profits for Shareholders and business partners. 


Smart, Diverse Partnership Opportunities

Fire Island Wind

Located on CIRI-owned land within the municipality of Anchorage, CIRI’s Fire Island Wind Project delivers renewable, emissions-free energy to more than 7,000 homes in Southcentral Alaska. Fire Island Wind represents the area’s first utility-scale independently owned wind project, and it helped redefine the future of energy in Cook Inlet and beyond. In 2023, Fire Island Wind was awarded the Groundbreaking Community Wind and Sustainable Energy Project by the Distributed Wind Energy Association.

Project Facts
  • Developed and operated by Fire Island Wind, LLC, a wholly owned CIRI subsidiary
  • Commenced commercial operation in September 2012
  • The project consists of eleven General Electric XLE 1.6-megawatt wind turbines with generation capacity of 17.6 megawatts
  • Eliminates up to 500 million cubic feet of natural gas consumption annually
  • Diversifies Southcentral Alaska’s energy resources
  • Long-term power purchase agreement with local utility improves power-price stability

Palouse Wind

Located in Whitman County, Wash., Palouse Wind provides power for as many as 30,000 homes in Eastern Washington. As a tax equity investor in Palouse Wind, CIRI enjoys consistent cash returns and limited downside exposure.

Investment Facts
  • Operated by independent energy company Onward Energy
  • Commenced commercial operation in December 2012
  • The project consists of fifty-eight Vestas V100 1.8-megawatt wind turbines with generation capacity of 105 megawatts
  • Power distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest grid 

Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage

CIRI holds a minority interest in Alaska Storage Holding LLC, a partnership that constructed and owns Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska LLC (CINGSA). Located on the Kenai Peninsula, CINGSA is the state’s first underground gas storage facility. The facility stores gas during the summer months when available supply exceeds demand. The stored gas is then available for withdrawal during the winter months to supplement the deliverability of available gas supply.

Investment facts
  • Underground storage facility with capacity for 11 billion cubic feet of natural gas
  • November 2012 marked the first distribution of natural gas from CINGSA
  • Serves utilities throughout Southcentral Alaska

Middletown Energy Center

Located in Ohio, the Middletown Energy Center (MEC) is a natural-gas-fired electric-generating facility that replaces coal-fired power plants with cleaner, efficient energy from natural gas. The plant powers some 400,000 homes while serving as an economic development catalyst for the region. MEC is a steady, reliable asset that complements CIRI’s energy portfolio and positions the company for strategic growth.

Investment Facts
  • A partnership among Axium, Capital Dynamics, CIRI and Guggenheim. CIRI joined as an equity partner in 2016
  • Production capacity of 478 megawatts
  • Commenced operation in May 2018
  • Highly efficient 6,900 combined heat rate (Btu/kWh)
  • Serves the PJM regional transmission organization, the largest wholesale power market in North America


Through private equity relationships, CIRI invests in Havfram, a Norway-based leader in transport and installation services to the offshore wind sector as an owner and operator of Wind Turbine Installation Vessels. CIRI’s investment in Havfram aligns with the company’s long-standing belief in the immense potential of wind infrastructure as a key component in combatting climate change.  

Investment Facts
  • Owned by Sandbrook Capital, a leading climate fund
  • Management team responsible for installing more than 40% of offshore wind turbines globally
  • NG20kX vessels can install next generation offshore wind turbines up to 25 megawatts in size 
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