2015 Annual Meeting

The 42nd Annual Meeting of CIRI Shareholders, held in Soldotna, Alaska, on Saturday, June 6, at the Soldotna Sports Center, saw a healthy turnout. The event featured a report from CIRI’s President and CEO, a performance by Alaska Native Heritage Center dancers and the election of five shareholders to serve on CIRI’s 15-person Board of Directors.

Again this year, CIRI offered to donate $1.00 to the Brother Francis Shelter for every shareholder with a valid, active proxy (for any proxyholder or candidate) on file by the proxy deadline. Brother Francis Shelter provides temporary, emergency shelter to Anchorage’s homeless population. CIRI’s planned donation to Brother Francis is estimated to be $3,500.

“CIRI extends its sincere appreciation to the shareholders who participated in this year’s Annual Meeting,” said CIRI President and CEO Sophie Minich. “Participating in the Board elections is one of the most important responsibilities associated with being a CIRI shareholder,” Minich continued, “and whether you own one share or 100, your vote counts.”

During the President’s Report, Minich provided an overview of the company’s financial performance, strategic plans and CIRI’s efforts to engage shareholders, villages, tribes and other organizations that benefit Alaska Native people.

“It has been a good year for our company,” said Minich. “Strong financial performance drove shareholders’ equity higher and allowed our dividends to grow. CIRI remains the only Alaska Native corporation to top more than $1 billion in cumulative dividends and distributions to shareholders since the inception of the company. I am excited and optimistic about the direction of our company as we work to accomplish the mission of CIRI and create new opportunities and benefits for our shareholders.”

Shareholders also viewed a video showcasing the Alaska Native Heritage Center’s work and history.

To best accommodate its geographically diverse shareholder and descendants, CIRI rotates the schedule for its annual meeting between Anchorage, Kenai and the Pacific Northwest. Next year’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held in Washington.