Ballot Measure 1 Fails by Sizable Margin

A controversial ballot measure that threatened improvements to roads, runways and other public infrastructure, Ballot Measure No. 1 was struck down by voters on Nov. 6. It appeared on Alaska’s general election ballot, after having been stripped of “unconstitutional language” by the Alaska Supreme Court in August. The measure was opposed by more than 500 Alaska businesses, trade groups and organizations, including CIRI.

The measure won in just six of 40 Alaska State House districts and lost by nearly a two-to-one margin, receiving 85,553 “yes” votes and 148,130 “no” votes as of Friday, Nov. 9.

“Alaska is recognized as a world leader in responsible fish and habitat management, and the state has nearly 20 policies already in place that protect fish habitat,” CIRI President and CEO Sophie Minich said. “Funded mostly by out-of-state groups and individuals, Ballot Measure 1 was a misguided attempt to improve fish habitat protections that threatened Alaska jobs, communities and way of life.

“Alaska Native people and their corporations are uniquely positioned to understand and appreciate the value of balancing economic development with strong environmental protections,” Minich continued. “The defeat of Ballot Measure 1 means that much-needed development projects can move forward, creating jobs for Alaskans and infusing money into our state economy.”