China King Comes Down to Make Room for New Tenant

Photo by Jason Moore.

Dark and early on Nov. 9, demolition began of the structure that previously housed China King restaurant on Fireweed Lane in Anchorage. CIRI Human Resources Manager Molly Webb won the opportunity to assist the demolition crew in taking the first strike.

Ever since the previous tenant moved out in October 2016, CIRI Land Development Company had been marketing the building for lease. “While there have been discussions over the last year with possible tenants regarding options for the aging building, it was determined that it would be more cost effective for tenants to build to suit and get exactly what they want, rather than spend a large amount to renovate and retrofit the space,” said CIRI’s Russell Blacker, director, Real Estate Assets. “Given that, and because holding costs – electricity, heat and water – increase during the winter, we decided to demo the building before colder temperatures set in.” Removing the building also improves the aesthetics of the Fireweed Business Center property and revitalizes the Fireweed Lane business area.

If you are interested in the property or a build-to-suit structure, located at the south end of the Fireweed Business Center parking lot, contact Mark Rowley with PTP Management at (907) 561-4010.