North Wind Group Merges with Engineering Company

Addition of LBYD Engineers to NWG Expands the Companies’ Design-Build and Commercial Capabilities

CIRI subsidiary North Wind Group (NWG) closed out 2020 with exciting news: On Nov. 30, the engineering, environmental, construction and technical-services company announced it had merged LBYD, Inc. (LBYD Engineers) into NWG as a subsidiary company.

NWG and LBYD have worked together in several capacities for years. The addition of LBYD to the NWG of companies creates diversification of customers and geographies, along with many business-development opportunities and the ability to provide valuable engineering services to mutual customers.

“The synergies of our companies’ strengths and capabilities renders us more competitive in the engineering market and able to provide additional expertise to our current projects,” said NWG President and CEO Christopher Leichtweis. “LBYD principals and senior staff have established positive relationships with North Wind and we look forward to our future of combined forces.”

LBYD’s reputation is built on nearly 50 years of experience and an award-winning resume across government, university, secondary education, medical, retail and many other business sectors. Its management and brand will remain in place with the objective of continuing to grow current lines of business and expanding the companies’ design-build and commercial capabilities.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., LBYD’s services include civil and structural engineering, protective design, hydrology design, forensic engineering and construction engineering.

“When we started working with North Wind Group over three years ago, we realized our cultures aligned. We feel this transition opens opportunities at both the organization level and the individual employee level,” said LBYD President Brad Christopher. “It also brings greater financial stability and avenues for growth in our key markets. Combining NWG’s strengths with our expertise in the civil and structural engineering sectors we currently serve will allow us to provide an extended range of services for our clients.”

LBYD was founded in 1973. In 2001, it began offering civil engineering services. With the addition of the civil department and the continued commitment of the structural department, LBYD has experienced growth at a phenomenal rate. The company continues to pursue growth opportunities as evidenced by opening several branch offices throughout the Southeastern U.S. Learn more at

Founded in 1997, North Wind Group has grown to a group of companies that employ more than 1,750 scientific, engineering, management and professional personnel. Since 2010, NWG has been a wholly owned subsidiary of CIRI and is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Learn more at