Dividend Distributions, Fourth Quarter 2013

Elders’ Settlement Trust payments
The fourth quarter CIRI Elders’ Settlement Trust payment of $450 is scheduled for December 13. Original shareholders who are 65 years of age or older and who own at least one share of CIRI stock as of the distribution dates are eligible to receive the Elders Trust payments. For the December distribution, eligible Elders who have their CIRI dividends directly deposited will have their trust payments electronically transmitted by 6 p.m. Alaska Standard Time on Friday, December 13. Eligible Elders who do not participate in direct deposit will have their payments mailed in check form on December 13.
Fourth quarter dividend
CIRI will mail or directly deposit the fourth quarter 2013 dividend of $9.76 per share on Tuesday, December 10. If you own 100 shares of stock, your fourth quarter dividend will be $976. If you participate in direct deposit, your dividend will be electronically transmitted by 6 p.m. Alaska Standard Time on December 10.
Annual check distribution
Shareholders who own five or less shares of CIRI stock that are not currently signed up for direct deposit, are automatically enrolled in CIRI’s annual check program. Although the amount of these checks are not large, the administrative costs involved in reissuing and accounting for checks not cashed by shareholders is substantial. For this reason, shareholders are urged to cash their annual checks promptly. CIRI will mail the 2013 annual check distribution to annual check program participants on Tuesday, December 17. If you receive an annual check, please ensure that the address on your CIRI records is up to date by 3 p.m. on Monday, December 2.
Address changes
A list of shareholders who do not have a current mailing address on record is continually updated and located on the CIRI website.
To ensure receipt of CIRI mail – including dividends – shareholders should immediately notify the Shareholder Relations Department of address changes and should also update the address on file with the U.S. Postal Service. If the address on the CIRI records does not match the address on file with the Postal Service, CIRI mail and dividends may be returned as undeliverable. When this occurs, CIRI must place the shareholder’s records on hold, and any distributions issued in connection with the CIRI shares are held pending receipt of a valid address.
If your address has changed, please send a signed Address Change Form to CIRI and include a current telephone number so CIRI may contact you with any questions. If you fail to notify CIRI of your new address before the deadline, and your check is sent to your old address, CIRI cannot reissue that check to you unless it is either returned to Shareholder Relations or a minimum of 90 days has elapsed. Change of address forms can be mailed to CIRI at P.O. Box 93330, Anchorage, AK 99509, or faxed to (907) 263-5186.All faxed requests should be followed up with a call to confirm the fax was received.
Online forms and information on changing your address or submitting a mail-forwarding request with the U.S. Postal Service are available on the Postal Service website, and are also available at your local post office.
Tax reminder
As a reminder, dividends represent taxable income to shareholders and portions of the Elders’ payments are also taxable. Although CIRI is unable to withhold taxes from distributions, shareholders who anticipate owing tax on their distributions have the option of making quarterly estimated tax payments directly to the IRS. To find out more about applicable federal and state tax requirements or making quarterly estimated tax payments, please consult with a tax advisor or contact the IRS directly.
For further information on dividend amounts, address changes, direct deposit or lost and missing dividends, visit CIRI’s website. Shareholders can also call CIRI’s dividend hotline at (907) 263-5100 or toll-free at (800) 764-2435.