Tamara Diane Cone, 61

Tamara Diane Cone passed away July 2 at home in Kenai, Alaska. She is survived by Terresa Reid.

Douglas Alexander Darien Sr., 87

Douglas Alexander Darien Sr. passed away April 30 at Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Darien was born May 3, 1934, in Kenai, Alaska. He is survived by his spouse, Judy Ann Darien; children, Robert Neil Darien and Gabriel James Darien; and grandchildren, Dylan Alexander Darien and Hunter Douglas Darien.

Florence “Beth” Dillinger, 50

Florence “Beth” Dillinger passed away Nov. 6, 2021, at home in Eagle River, Alaska. Ms. Dillinger was born Oct. 29, 1971, in Anchorage. She is survived by her children, Edward Anthony Darien and Chantilly Bayes; and brother, Eli Darien Jr.

Francis B. Haldane, 94

Francis B. Haldane passed away May 11, 2021, at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Haldane was born June 21, 1926, in Metlakatla, Alaska. She is survived her children, Mark Haldane, Sandra Haldane-Anderson, Steven Haldane, Corbin Haldane and Mona Kinder; and sisters, Eleanor McGlothlin and Florence Bradford.

Dennis “Denny” Arlan Heimdahl, 57

Dennis “Denny” Arlan Heimdahl passed away May 17 at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. Mr. Heimdahl was born July 23, 1964, in Petersburg, Alaska. He is survived by his siblings, August Ivanoff and Symsi Denson.

Jason Joseph Jardine, 51

Jason Joseph Jardine passed away June 3 at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto Calif., Mr. Jardine was born April 11, 1971, in San Leandro, Calif. He is survived by his sister, Nicole Jardine-Stevens.

Starlett May Komakhuk, 57

Starlett May Komakhuk passed away April 12 in Anchorage. Ms. Komakhuk was born May 18, 1964, in Anchorage. She is survived by her daughter, Danielle DelReal; son-in-law, Gerardo DelReal; grandsons, Diego Antonio and Daniel DelReal; brother, Roy Komakhuk; and nieces, Kristel and Tanya Komakhuk.

Mary Jane McNeil, 77

Mary Jane McNeil passed away June 13 at Mat-Su Regional Hospital in Palmer, Alaska. Ms. McNeil was born May 17, 1945, in Caswell, Alaska. She is survived by her son, Victor D. McNeil.

Lee Modrok, 62

Lee Modrok passed away May 19 at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas. Mr. Modrok was born March 15, 1960, in Anchorage. After graduating high-school, he relocated to Nevada. Following in the footsteps of his father, Mr. Modrok was an artist. He opened ROKART studio in 2014 and had multiple showings in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. He is survived by his brother, Bill Modrok; and sister-in-law, Antoinette Modrok.

Mary Charlotte Pagano, 74

Mary Charlotte Pagano passed away May 18 in Greeley, Colo. Ms. Pagano was born June 3, 1947, in Dillingham, Alaska. She is survived by her husband, Ralph T. Pagano; and children, Theodore A. Pagano and Helena A. Schmitz.

Howard Steven Palmer, 70

Howard Steven Palmer passed away July 15 at Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Palmer was born Jan. 19, 1952, in Anchorage. He is survived by his wife, Karen Jackson; children, Steven Palmer, Jason Palmer, Molly Holbrook and Jared Palmer; granddaughters, Callie Palmer, Izabel Holbrook and Jasmine Palmer; and siblings, Gary (Sandy) Palmer, Sandra Anderson and Robert Palmer.

Meh-Urit Maati Ra, 55

Meh-Urit Maati Ra passed away June 28 in Moore, Okla. Ms. Ra was born May 10, 1967, in Anchorage. She is survived by her children, Qebhut Qetlah, Amen-T Qetlah, Sekhet Qetlah and Atum Qetlah; mother, Alice Thomas; and siblings, Stephen Thomas and Kari Thomas.

Virginia Lucy Rude, 80

Virginia Lucy Rude passed away April 11 at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. Ms. Rude was born May 7, 1941, in Flat, Alaska. Together, she and her husband founded United Christian Fellowship in Eagle River, Alaska. Ms. Rude was awarded a Doctor of Divinity in November 2014 and became a licensed member of the clergy and a member of the clergy ordained the following month. She is survived by her husband, Robert W. Rude; children, Johanna L. Rude and William R. Rude; and granddaughters, Loressa L. Rude and Brittany R. Rude.

Grace Ann Samuelson, 66

Grace Ann Samuelson passed away July 15 in Anchorage. Ms. Samuelson is survived by her daughter, Flora Samuelson; and grandsons, Derek Young and Sheldon McCallister.

Elizabeth Scarlett, 94

Elizabeth Scarlett passed away Nov. 17, 2021, at Saint Luke’s South Hospital in Overland Park, Kan. Ms. Scarlett was born Jan. 2, 1927, in Juneau, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Elizabeth Wiedner, Cynthia Kifer, Grandal Scarlett, Marilyn Strehlow, Carolyn Scarlett, George Scarlett and Billy Scarlett; and granddaughter, Ashley Wilson.

Debra Anne Steik, 57

Debra Anne Steik passed away March 2 at Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Steik was born Aug. 27, 1964, in Torrance, Calif. She is survived by her children, Janelle Gassler, Bailly Crocker, Robin Crocker, Brian Gassler and Russell Crocker; siblings, Susan Mossman, Laura Daly, Marie Collins, Michelle Partridge and Christopher Steik; and father, John Steik.

Ruth L. Sundberg, 79

Ruth L. Sundberg passed away July 13 at Comfort Haven Adult Family Home in Silverdale, Wash. Ms. Sundberg was born July 14, 1942, in Kodiak, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Cheryl Hole, Daniel Petersen, Laurie Dotson and Arthur Dickow; siblings, Esther DeMato, Richard Sundberg and Viola Kimsey; eight grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and former husband, Dan Petersen.

Mary Ann Swift, 86

Mary Ann Swift passed away April 29 at Atlas Assisted Living Home in Anchorage. Ms. Swift was born Aug. 10, 1935, in Anvik, Alaska. She grew up along the Yukon River and relocated to Anchorage as a teenager, where she remained for the rest of her life. Ms. Swift retired from the Alaska Native Medical Center and is remembered for the compassion she showed the sick and less fortunate. She is survived by Brenda Harris, Edward Swift, Mariah Tracy, Alexandra Harris, Steven Harris, Tanek Tracy, Eva Tracy and Christopher Klabunde.

Rita “Bonnie” Alice Helga Tobin, 73

Rita “Bonnie” Alice Helga Tobin passed away Dec. 31, 2021, at Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento, Calif. Ms. Tobin was born Aug. 17, 1948. She was an excellent gardener and loved to travel with her husband and family. She is survived by her children, Terri Estrada and Michael Soto; grandchildren, Xavier and Adrian Soto and Anthony, Scott and Felicia Estrada; and great-grandchildren, Junior and Aleana Soto.

Ruby Deloris Tolen, 77

Ruby Deloris Tolen passed away May 8 at Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Tolen was born Sept. 5, 1944, in Ketchikan, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Tammy Tolen and Timothy Tolen Sr.; daughter-in-law, Janine Tolen; grandchildren, Rhandi Allard, Aaaron Tolen, Tyna Tolen, Eric Tolen, Timothy Tolen Jr. and Taylor Tolen; great-grandchildren, Tusiata, Aiden, Oakland Meavao, Hinano and Ruby Filio; siblings, Roderick Wagner, Judith Kennedy and Victoria Hunt; and additional family Kari and Dennis McFeron, Greg Tolen and Sandy.


Linda Diane Baxter, 59
Agnes Brookey, 81
Lorraine Ann Chapman, 80
Richard A. Chapman, 57
Leonard William Chickalusion, 62
Louis Berry Collier, 92
Theodore Lee Cooper, 50
Mary S. Dillard, 80
Kenneth Ray Foreman, 64
Lavonne Lovv Gladney, 56
Donna Foote Hoffman, 76
Andrew Charles Horton, 78
Edward Romaka Kamkoff, 80
Flora Candace Knight, 47
Jefferey Allen Kolb, 71
Daniel Nicolai, 62
Stanford Herbert Noyakuk, 61
Clermont Paxton Oborn, 78
Carl Ondola, 85
Ronald Petterson, 70
Betty Irene Porter, 91
Robert Louis Robinson Jr., 70
Mildred Jane Schmalzried, 85
Arlene Trefry, 80
Gloria Madeleine Trummell, 78
Philip Wilson Jr., 74
Sharon Louise Yates, 60