Lucille Larrissa Setzer, 73

Lucille Larrissa Setzer passed away  June 5 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, Wash. Ms. Setzer was born Dec. 1, 1949, in Port Graham, Alaska. She is survived by her children, Christie Butler and Teresa Charinaik; and grandchildren, Larissa Mumchuck and Diamon Herrick.

Peggy Sue Taylor, 60

Peggy Sue Taylor passed away June 11 in San Francisco. Ms. Taylor was born Jan. 19, 1963, in Anchorage. She is survived by her mother, Zoe A. Taylor; brother, Bruce R. Taylor; children, Justin C. Taylor, Laura Z. Taylor and Jared S. Taylor; and grandson, Austin Griffin.

Roberta M. Hartley Williams, 73

Roberta M. Hartley Williams passed away April 3 in Vancouver, Wash. Ms. Hartley Williams was born Aug. 13, 1949, in Anchorage. After she moved to Vancouver, she and her husband made frequent trips back to Anchorage and she always considered herself an Alaskan. Her family remembers her as someone who loved life and never met a stranger. She loved to travel and explore new places and was very active in her faith. Ms. Hartley Williams is survived by her husband, David Q. Williams; daughter, Marie A. (Daniel) Montgomery; and brothers, John and Jim Hartley.


Bernice Ada Adams, 67
John Carl Astad, 67
Joann Bernice Boyer, 91
Crystal Lee Consiel, 61
Robbin Sophie Cooks, 59
Valerie Gaye Corey, 65
Henry Lawrence Frazier, 81
Giovanni Luigi Gelano, 71
Charles A. Johnson Jr., 61
Willie Lynn Johnson Jr., 61
Christina Marie Justice, 66
Elizabeth Ann Kirschner, 77
Kathryn Frances Knudsen, 81
Wayne Mitchell Kruger, 66
Phillip Bryan Maciag, 64
Britton Lee Metrokin, 59
William Nicholi, 61
Sara Diane Ondola, 35
Richard Wayne Perry, 52
Allyson Ann Rowden, 46
Robert E Rowell, 60
Joseph Standifer, 75
Jackie Ree Singleton, 70
Donald Takak, 83
Joseph Lee Tello, 34
Raymond Benjamin Tepp, 39
Elsie Thiele, 72
Gregory Lee Tolen, 71
Justin Rolando Toots, 37
Linda Dianne Troyer, 61
Kristina Dawn Watson, 30
Ronald Williams, 77
Roxcenia Workman, 93