In memory, November 2013

Jessi Marena Nelsen.  Courtesy of Mike and Mary Nelsen.
Jessi Marena Nelsen. Courtesy of Mike and Mary Nelsen.

Jessi Marena Nelsen, 27

Jessi Marena Nelsen passed away Aug. 24 at Merrill Field in Anchorage. Ms. Nelsen was born Sept. 1, 1985, in Seward, Alaska. Amidst her busy schedule coordinating work at the Spenard Roadhouse, longshoring for I.L.W.U. #60, serving as the Seward Music Art Festival Music Director and pursuing college studies, she always found time for family and friends, especially her nephew Reilly Nelsen. She was very proud of her Aleut and Athabascan heritage. Ms. Nelsen is survived by her parents, Mike and Mary Nelsen; brother, Jasen Nelsen; nephew, Reilly Nelsen; and grandfather, Herman Nelsen.

Phillip Neal Graham, 66

Phillip Neal Graham passed away Oct. 8 at Avamere Transitional Care and Rehabilitation Center in Seattle, Wash. Mr. Graham was born Aug. 27, 1947, in Seattle, Wash. He is survived by his sisters, Linda Guenthner-Graham, Carol Kistler-Graham and Sharon Skinner-Graham, and six nieces and nephews.

Sophia Maria Graham, 97

Sophia Maria Graham passed away on Sept. 6 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Graham was born Oct. 2, 1915, in Ruby, Alaska. She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Ilene and Wayne Stackhouse; and grandchildren, Jennifer Stackhouse, Daryl Jensen, Chris and Steve Todd.

Mary E. Hale, 63

Mary E. Hale passed away Sept. 8 at home in Springfield, Mass. Ms. Hale was born Sept. 9, 1949, in Anchorage. She worked for many years at Milton Bradley and enjoyed gardening, playing pool and going to the casinos. Ms. Hale is survived by her companion, Gary Delisle; daughter, Michelle Hale; brothers, Walter Jr., Steven and David Whitley; sisters, Julie Demientieff, Kathy Rickey and Sandra Roesing; and granddaughter, Lauren Stone.

Roy Harding Katairoak, 58

Roy Harding Katairoak passed away Sept. 24 at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska. Mr. Katairoak was born Oct. 14, 1954, in Anchorage. He is survived by his children, Corey Katairoak, Benita Katairoak, Steve Hopson and Darlene Hopson, Dean Katairoak, Elizabeth Katairoak, and many grandchildren.

Julie Ann Kordus, 46

Julie Ann Kordus passed away May 25 at Matsu Regional Hospital in Wasilla, Alaska. Ms. Kordus was born Jan. 5, 1967, in Anchorage. She is survived by her husband, Trevis Kordus; son, Joseph Steinhilpert; daughter, Briana Vera; brother, Charles
Steinhilpert Jr.; and sister, Wanda Isaac.

James Richard Palmer Jr., 66

James Richard Palmer Jr. passed away Sept. 1 at home in Portland, Ore. Mr. Palmer was born in Seattle, Wash. He is survived by his wife, Michelle Palmer; daughters, Kimberly Knoy, Stacey Lewman, Marcie Firby and Nancy Klein; grandchildren, Andrew, Erica, Shane, Kylee, Olivia and Samantha; sisters, Jannefred Morgan and Lois Terrill; and 11 nieces and nephews.

Brenda Mae Paneok, 56

Brenda Mae Paneok passed away Aug. 30 at home in Anchorage. Ms. Paneok is survived by her son, Marc Wolfe; daughter, Shauna Wolfe; and granddaughters, Kayla Berg and Leah Chandoir.

Rosie J. Selk, 92

Rosie J. Selk passed away Sept. 12 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Selk was born July 6, 1921, in Kwiguk, Alaska. She is survived by her daughters, Carol Jones and Kathleen Russell; son, Kenneth Selk; foster daughter, Rosie Choquette; six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Jacob Anderson Shavings, 44

Jacob Anderson Shavings passed away July 16 in Anchorage. Mr. Shavings was born Nov. 2, 1968, in Mekoryuk, Alaska. Mr. Shavings is survived by his siblings, Laura, Luther and Dennis.

Robert T. Swanson Sr., 55

Robert T. Swanson Sr. passed away Sept. 20, 2012, in Kotzebue, Alaska. Mr. Swanson was born Jan. 11, 1957, in Kotzebue, Alaska. He is survived by his children and their families: daughter, Maggie Swanson and her children, Lindsey and Lauryn; son, Derek Swanson and wife Bree, and their children, Victoria, Jessalyn, Gage and Camryn; son, Gary Swanson and his children, Taya, Preston, Zoey, Jaycee, and Gary Jr.; son, Robert Swanson Jr., and wife, Frances, and their children, Bryden, McKenzie, Donovan, and Conner; and son, Ralph Swanson and his son, Sean.


Sharon Andregg Howerton, 70
Robert William Wescott, 61