In memory, September 2013

Inga Ann Caffrey, 74

Inga Ann Caffrey passed away May 30 at home in Seldovia, Alaska. Ms. Caffrey is survived by her daughter, Sondra Caffrey, and brothers, Frederick H. Elvsaas and Herman M. Elvsaas.

Tanya Esther Lochbaum, 51

Tanya Esther Lochbaum passed away on Monday, July 29, at home in Wasilla, Alaska. Ms. Lochbaum was born Dec. 17, 1961, in Anchorage. Raised on the Kenai Peninsula, she graduated from Kenai Central High School then worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and later worked in the middle of the Cook Inlet on the Osprey Platform where she met her life partner Michael Hartman. She enjoyed camping, berry picking, crafting and was known to be always giving to others. Mostly, she loved being with family and friends. She is survived by her life partner, Michael Hartman; daughter, Chassie Rea Bernsten; sister, Jeanette Tautfest; and numerous family members.

Irene Betty Lougheed, 93

Irene Betty Lougheed passed away July 16 at Central Wyoming Hospice in Casper, Wyo. Ms. Lougheed was born Jan. 3, 1920. She is survived by her daughters, Sharon Costalez and Barbara Staniforth; and son, Bobby Lougheed.

Francine Morris, 67

Francine Morris passed away March 18 at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Nev. Ms. Morris was born Sept. 5, 1945, in Anchorage. She is survived by her brother, Eugene R. Tagala.

Sava Stephan Sr., 93

Sava Stephan Sr. passed away June 1 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Stephan was born in 1920 at Susitna Station, Alaska. He was part of the group of over 30 Dena’ina from Susitna Station who moved to Tyonek in 1934 at the invitation of Chief Simeon Chickalusion. As Shem Pete’s nephew, Sava was well-versed in Dena’ina thought and traditions and served as the long-time starisda (church warden) of the Tyonek Orthodox Church. During the past twenty years, he made many contributions to the Dena’ina language. He was a major technical contributor to the 2003 edition of “Shem Pete’s Alaska” publication and in 2005 the Alaska Native Heritage Center published “Upper Inlet Dena’ina Language Lessons” spoken by Mr. Stephan. Sava Stephan’s Dena’ina nickname was “Duggel,” the Russian word for “handle”. A patient teacher and a fascinating storyteller, Stephan filtered all his thoughts through the Den’ina language. In 2003, CIRI acknowledged Sava Stephan’s contributions with the CIRI shareholder of the year award. He is survived by his son- and daughter-in-law, Isaac and Ellen Stephan; grandchildren, Ruth, Becky, Shawn, Michael and Justin Stephan, Theresa Cooper and Juliana Crandall; great-grandchildren, Amanda, Breanna and Alex Stephan, Christian and Crystal Cooper, and Joanna Raduege; and great great-grandchildren, Malichi Stephan and Sava Crandall.

Croix Johnathan Whitbeck, 4 Months

Croix Johnathan Whitbeck passed away on July 19. Croix was born March 4 at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. From the first minute of Croix’s life to his last, he showed fighting strength, working to overcome a congenital heart defect. His parents remember Croix’s wonderful grin, bright eyes, incredible attentiveness and always-happy personality with a smile. Croix is survived by his parents, Rick and Debra Whitbeck; biological mother, Ruth Ann; paternal grandparents, Rick and Vicki Whitbeck; maternal grandparents, Ed and Lil Strout; uncle, Randy Whitbeck; aunt, Susie Strout; cousins, Caleb, Hannah, Brooke and Rowan Whitbeck; and biological and adoptive family throughout Alaska and the Lower 48.


Robert Leslie Clarkson, 77
Julian Mitchel Davis, 59
Annie Cookik Joule, 73
Troy Shannon Kimmell, 45
Julie Ann Kordus, 46