In memory, January 2012

Robert J. “Bobby Joe” Baker, 52

Robert J. “Bobby Joe” Baker died May 28, 2011 in Tyonek, Alaska. Mr. Baker was born Nov. 4, 1958, in Newport News, Va. He is survived by his children, Roxann Baker, Joseph Standifer, Chrystal Moon, Suraiya John, Rebecca Katchatag, Kristopher Katchatag, Nicole Vanderpool, Rachel Cosgriff and Patrick Westdahl; father, Hugh (Tom) Baker; sister and brother-in-law, Jane and Ernest Standifer; brother and sister-in-law, Ernest and Michelle Baker; grandchildren, Ryan, Jalen, Julian, Nicole, Jordan, Joseph II, Christy, Dominic-James, Desmond, Dulcinea-Jade, Robert, Stephan, Saphira, Cassandra, Justin, Branden, Robert, Darius, Marae, Leilani and Tristan; nieces and nephews, Ernest Jr., Janelle and Dallas Baker, and Elizabeth and Marcy Standifer; and numerous great-nieces, great-nephews and other extended family.

Lenora G. Cooper-Byrne, 83

Lenora G. Cooper-Byrne died July 26, 2011, at the Soldotna Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna, Alaska. Ms. Cooper-Byrne was born June 2, 1928, in Allegan, Mich. She is survived by her daughters, Ella May Cooper-Waldron, Patricia A. Engle and Elaine K.C. Halloran; sons, Peter A. Cooper and Paul O. Cooper; granddaughters, Jacqueline Waldron and Kirsten Williamson; grandsons, Thor Williamson, Woody Engle, Gus Engle, Max Engle, Zachary Alfred Cooper and Cole Charlie Cooper; daughter-in-law, Kim Finkle Cooper; and sons-in-law, Frank Waldron and Michael Halloran.

Ella Eningowuk, 86

Ella Eningowuk died Oct. 13, 2011, at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Eningowuk was born May 15, 1925, in Shishmaref, Alaska. She is survived by her daughter, Eleanor DeRoque; and son, Johnson P. Eningowuk.

Donald Andrew Harper, 81

Donald Andrew Harper died Oct. 7, 2011, at Providence Hospital in Anchorage. Mr. Harper was born June 25, 1930, in Fairbanks, Alaska. He is survived by his daughter, Robin A. Harper-Caudill; granddaughter, Dawn M. Blankenship; great-granddaughter, Malorie L. Blankenship; great-grandsons, Michael A. Blankenship and Kevin R. Blankenship; sister, Mary E. Denton; and many nieces and nephews.

Reuben B. Ingram, 85

Reuben B. Ingram died Aug. 28, 2011, at Mountain Vista Hospital in Mesa, Ariz. Mr. Ingram was born Aug. 16, 1926, in Seldovia, Alaska. He served in the U.S. Navy and retired as a merchant seaman. His loved ones say, “He was a proud Alaska Native and trusted friend. He will be missed by all that knew him.”

Jenny C. Johnson, 84

Jenny C. Johnson died Nov. 27, 2011, at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Johnson was born April 18, 1927, in Koggiung, Alaska. She is survived by her daughters, Inez Floyd, Louise Nelson, Ida Chord and Johanna Johnson; sons, Ernest Johnson and Charles Johnson; 17 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

Charlene Key (a.k.a. Charlene Matson Key), 47

Charlene Key (a.k.a. Charlene Matson Key) died June 8, 2011, at the Hospice of the Valley in Chandler, Ariz. Ms. Key was born Aug. 27, 1963, in Ninilchik, Alaska. She is survived by her spouse, Robert Key; father, Manuel Kvasnikoff; sister, Charlotte Shingleton; brothers, Ernest and Jerry Matson; nieces, Heather Kane and Andrea Benston; and nephew, Brad Humphrey.

Paula Sue Kinsworthy, 44

Paula Sue Kinsworthy died Oct. 31, 2011, at UPMC Northwest Hospital in Seneca, Pa. Ms. Kinsworthy was born in Colorado. She is survived by her husband, Ricky Wayne Kinsworthy; daughter, Cassandra Kinsworthy; stepdaughters, Shannon Kinsworthy Kennedy and Jolene Kinsworthy; grandsons, Wyatt and Logan Kennedy; sister and brother-in-law, Dolly and Jim Wiles; and sister-in-law, Glenda Werner, and her husband Joby Werner.

Stella Mae Lieb, 51

Stella Mae Lieb died Nov. 12, 2011, at home in Wasilla, Alaska. Ms. Lieb was born Sept. 24, 1960, in Anvik, Alaska. She is survived by her daughters, Adrianna, Stephanie and Christina Lieb; sons, Ernesto Gutierrez and Anthony Lieb; granddaughters, Annalysha and Kaylie Walker; grandsons, Malakhi and Joshua Weaver; the father of her children, Max Lieb, and life partner, Doug Newhall.

Margaret Mary Love, 42

Margaret Mary Love died Oct. 22, 2011, at the Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Fla. Ms. Love was born May 24, 1969, in Anchorage. She is survived by her sons, Michael A. Love Jr. and Justin D. Love; mother, Naimanu Model; father, Sean M. Model; and brothers, Sean M. Model Jr. and Leonard E. Model.

Evelyn Sonja Merryman, 72

Evelyn Sonja Merryman died Apr. 27, 2011, at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Merryman was born Nov. 24, 1938, in Tyonek, Alaska to Alexandra and Terry Stephan. Her loved ones say, “Exenia” had a very generous spirit and was known as the matriarch of the Stephan family. She is survived by her daughter, Francis DeFratis, and son, Howard Chickalusion. She was also survived by her husband, Peter Merryman, who is now deceased.

Peter Sunrise Merryman (a.k.a. Peter Nathan Merryman), 72

Peter Merryman died Sept. 1, 2011, at home in Anchorage. Mr. Merryman was born July 13, 1939, in Kenai, Alaska to Vera and Larry Sunrise. He was adopted by Ruth Merryman of Juneau following the death of his parents. He served as the president of the Native Village of Tyonek, chairman of the Cook Inlet Marine Mammal Council and the Unit 16(b) Natural Resources Partnership and was a member of Southcentral Foundation’s Village Service Management Team. He is survived by his stepdaughter, Francis DeFratis, and stepson, Howard Chickalusion.

Daisy Anna Soxie Grosvold Schmidt, 77

Daisy Anna Soxie Grosvold Schmidt died Nov. 10, 2011, at Heritage Place in Soldotna, Alaska. Ms. Schmidt was born Feb. 21, 1934, in Shaktoolik, Alaska to Arthur Soxie and Hilma Kenick. She was a talented artist known for her leather, fur and beaded Alaska Native craftwork. Her loved ones say, “Daisy was loved by all and will be missed very much.” She is survived by her daughters, Kathy Rodriguez and June Haught; son, Sam Grosvold; 15 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild; sisters, Betty Bryant, Janet Ferris, Viola Desoro, Jessie Dugan and Cecelia; and brother, Daniel Soxie.

Helen Loraine Skopak, 78

Helen Loraine Skopak died June 9, 2011, at home in Oklahoma City, Okla. Ms. Skopak was born May 13, 1933, in Anchorage. Her family says, “She provided the strength that kept this family together. She will always be loved and ever present in our thoughts.” She is survived by her daughters, Valerie J. Cornwell and Catherine J. Giles; son, Clifton L. Skopak; and sister, Marjorie Powers. She was also survived by her sister, Arlene Reynolds, who is now deceased.

Robert F. Standifer Jr., 61

Robert F. Standifer Jr. died Oct. 17, 2011, at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Mr. Standifer was born Aug. 20, 1950, in Tyonek, Alaska. He is survived by his sisters, Harriet Kaufman, Carol Kompkoff, Violet Kroto and Vicki Bartels; and brothers, Arthur, Ernie and Arnold Standifer.

Albert Jacko Wassillie, 57

Albert Jacko Wassillie died May 4, 2011, in Anchorage. Mr. Wassillie was born July 6, 1953, in Nondalton, Alaska. He is survived by his daughter, Colleen Patrick; adopted daughter, Mildred Lupie; and son, Hal Wassillie.

Louise Marion Winkelman, 72

Louise Marion Winkelman died Nov. 23, 2011, at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Ms. Winkelman, a Deg Hit’an Athabascan, was born Oct. 25, 1939, in Swiftwater, Alaska. She and her husband Richard Winkelman were married on Feb. 15, 1964. She cared for him after he was in a major accident and her family says, “Their marriage exemplified their vow to keep each other “thru sickness and in health”… For the last decade, Richard reciprocated that promise by caring for Louise throughout her illness.” She is survived by her husband, Richard Winkelman; daughter, Deborah Winkelman; and sons, Ronald and Daniel Winkelman.

Suzanne Angelia Zellner, 55

Suzanne Angelia Zellner died Mar. 6, 2011, at home in Longmont, Colo. Ms. Zellner was born May 15, 1955. She is survived by her husband, G. Wayne Zellner; son, Jeromy Scott; father, John E. Sappington; sisters, Dollia M. Mickler and Shannon L. Hagen; and brothers, John E. Sappington II and David T. Sappington.


Marie Vialla Andrews, 95
Richard Paul Boucher, 58
Alexe Ann Flyum, 33
Charles Ray Hall Jr., 44
Sarah Frances Lindgren, 86
Christina Joyce Love-Rose, 43
Lena Penelope Roe, 85