Specialized Texas attorney

CIRI descendant Jason C. Honeycutt recently obtained a special certification as a Texas attorney. Jason is now “Board Certified Criminal Law – Texas Board of Legal Specialization.” Of the approximately 80,000 attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas, only 841 have achieved this special certification. Only 8,364 attorneys, out of all the different specialty areas, are certified in a given area. That puts Jason in a group of about 1 percent of all Texas criminal attorneys and 10 percent of all Texas attorneys. Additionally, current figures put Jason as the second youngest attorney to achieve such a certification among Texas attorneys. Jason made sure to give special thanks to CIRI and The CIRI Foundation for the scholarships he received through college and law school. Jason aims to serve on CIRI’s various committees and boards as a way to give back and show his gratitude. Jason is the son of CIRI shareholder Mina Crocker. Congratulations Jason!