Mother and son graduate

CIRI shareholder and descendants who are also mother and son graduated this spring. Tammie Rodriquez graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) on May 16 with a bachelor’s degree in health care administration. Her son, Tracy Rodriquez Jr., graduated from Rancho High School (Medical Academy) on June 16. Tammie plans to obtain her master’s degree in health care administration at UNLV and pursue a career in Alaska Native and Native American communities. Tracy Jr. has also been accepted at UNLV to complete prerequisites for entrance into medical school to become a general surgeon. Tammie is the daughter and granddaughter of original enrollees Dolores R. Smith and Julia Olga Johnson. Tammie is married to Tracy Rodriquez, and they are the proud parents of high school graduate Tracy Jr. and three other children, Sam, Victoria and Mark.