SCF celebrates CIRI shareholders’ academic success

SCF celebrates CIRI shareholders’ academic success

Southcentral Foundation (SCF) proudly announces the academic achievements of three employees who graduated this spring from Alaska Pacific University (APU): CIRI shareholders Tara Fisher of the SCF Executive and Tribal Services Division and Esther Grosdidier and Sonda Tetpon of the SCF Behavioral Services Division.

Fisher graduated from APU with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. She completed her degree in 18 months after receiving an associate degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Fisher joined SCF in 2001 as an administrative assistant. By 2006, she was promoted to her current position of administrator. Fisher’s undergraduate studies broadened her leadership skills and creative approaches to her work. She plans on taking graduate classes in the near future.

Grosdidier graduated with her bachelor’s degree in human services and psychology. She plans to take a temporary break from school now that she has her diploma. Grosdidier intends to continue her education at APU in clinical psychology, and maybe even earn a business degree. For now, she is a clinical associate at The Pathway Home. She envisions making a career out of affecting change for Alaska Native youth, and aims to someday work her way up to the management level at SCF.

Tetpon, who completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington in 2002, began her employment at SCF in 2003 in administrative support. She has since served as a proposal writer in SCF Planning and Grants and as a project and program manager in other departments. Tetpon is now the SCF Early Head Start manager at Northway Mall. Her recent attainment of a master of business administration degree will help her leverage future successes as she continues her efforts to promote wellness within the Native community.

Fisher, Grosdidier and Tetpon join dozens of other recent graduates who credit both SCF and The CIRI Foundation for being partners in their journey toward higher education.