Sidebar_TCF“…the future of CIRI itself will depend in large part upon the well-trained management leadership selected to lead the corporation. Also, a solid education is a basic tool that is necessary to enable our shareholders to be prepared as active participants in our modern world.”

With these words, then-CIRI President and CEO Roy Huhndorf unveiled The CIRI Foundation (TCF) to readers of the August 1982 CIRI Newsletter.

Prior to the establishment of TCF, CIRI awarded scholarships through two programs: the CIRI-H&N Scholarship Program and the CIRI/ARCO Scholarship Program.

TCF was incorporated on July 9, 1982. Its primary purpose was, and continues to be, expanding and enhancing the educational assistance programs made available to CIRI shareholders and their direct lineal descendants.

In its first year, thanks to a $100,000 initial contribution from CIRI, TCF awarded 26 scholarships and 20 training grants. Over the last 35 years, thanks in large part to continued support from CIRI, TCF has awarded $29 million to CIRI shareholders and their direct lineal descendants to participate in post-secondary education. An additional $2.8 million has been awarded through TCF’s Education and Heritage Project Grant Program toward nonprofit organization projects that further the goals of TCF.