Raven Fund to provide scholarships

New TCF funding opportunity for Alaska Native shareholders

The CIRI Foundation (TCF) has traditionally provided scholarships and vocational training grants to CIRI original enrollees and their direct lineal descendants. As CIRI shares continue to be gifted and inherited, the number of Alaska Native shareholders who are not original enrollees or lineal descendants has been increasing. In order to better serve this growing population, TCF has created the Raven Fund.

The Raven Fund is a trial fund that provides scholarships and vocational training grants to this new eligible group of Alaska Native shareholders. Scholarships support applicants who are degree-seeking students, while vocational training grants support certificate-seeking students.

The Raven Fund has been approved for a two-year trial period. After the trial period, TCF will review the success and use of the Raven Fund for the future.

TCF encourages you to visit its website at www.thecirifoundation.org to learn more about the Raven Fund and other funding opportunities. Not sure if you are eligible? Call (907) 793-3575 or toll-free at (800) 764-3382 to chat with a TCF team member.