2014 Annual Meeting prize winners

The 2014 Annual Meeting of CIRI Shareholders included cash door prize drawings for shareholders who submitted a valid proxy by the proxy deadline for any proxy holder or candidate, or who registered to vote in person at the Annual Meeting. The winners, whose names are listed below, were chosen by random drawings conducted by Sramek Hightower, the independent accounting firm retained to assist with vote tabulation.

$5,000 or Two round-trip tickets to Las Vegas, four nights at the Wynn Resort and cash ($5,000 value) Lloyd Pedro
$2,500 Thomas Tipton Asher
$750 Katherine Ann Johnson
$750 Robert Dennis Towne
$750 Carol Frances Joy
$750 Cyril Randolph Wanamaker
$750 Alexis Kay Colberg-Nelissen
$500 Christopher John Monfor
$500 Rosella Myra Standifer
$500 Shane Allen Shumaker
$500 Michelle Ann Tremblay
$500 Mary Ann Pender
$100 Terry Lidvin Simpson
$100 Doris J. Kelly
$100 Tina Marie Tucker
$100 Diane Linda Drake
$100 Alfred Charles Jones
$100 Don Harold Benedix
$100 Cecelia Huddleston
$100 Tracy Ann Pendleton
$100 Darla Cate Graham
$100 Marilyn Jane Aston