2014 CIRI Annual Meeting

A crowd of more than 400 turned out for CIRI’s 41st Annual Meeting of Shareholders June 7 at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage. The event featured a report from CIRI’s President and CEO, a demonstration by Native Youth Olympic athletes and the election of five shareholders to serve on CIRI’s 15-person Board of Directors.

The Inspector of Election has certified that CIRI shareholders re-elected five incumbent directors to serve three-year terms on the Board ending in 2017. Re-elected were Penny L. Carty, Robert E. Harris, Roy M. Huhndorf, Katrina M. Jacuk and Patrick M. Marrs. There were no advisory resolutions submitted at the meeting.

This year, CIRI offered to donate $1.00 to Anchorage’s Brother Francis Shelter for every shareholder with a valid, active proxy (for any proxyholder or candidate) on file by the proxy deadline. CIRI plans to round up the amount paid to the shelter such that the 3,418 qualifying proxies result in a donation of $3,500.

“CIRI extends its sincere appreciation to the shareholders who participated in this year’s Annual Meeting,” said CIRI President and CEO Sophie Minich. “Participating in the Board elections is one of the most important responsibilities associated with being a CIRI shareholder,” Minich continued, “and whether you own one share or 100, your vote counts. I am particularly pleased that the Brother Francis Shelter – an organization that provides temporary, emergency shelter to Anchorage’s homeless population – will receive $3,500 on behalf of the many CIRI shareholders who participated in this year’s election.”

During the President’s Report, Minich provided an overview of the company’s financial performance, strategic plans and CIRI’s efforts to engage shareholders, villages, tribes and other organizations that benefit Alaska Native people.

“From private equities to energy development to real estate projects, every investment and business opportunity CIRI pursues has one primary goal: to promote the economic well-being of our shareholders,” said Minich. “2013 was a year of action to take advantage of new opportunities and we look forward to continued success this year.

“Tomorrow (June 8) marks the 42nd anniversary of the creation of CIRI. It has been a remarkable 42 years, with more than $1 billion dollars distributed to shareholders. But CIRI’s mission cannot be accomplished with dividends alone,” Minich continued. “That’s why our family of nonprofits is essential in the fulfillment of our mission. The work our nonprofits do is truly one of the enduring legacies of CIRI.”

In recognition of this work, the CIRI family of nonprofit organizations received a special tribute for their efforts day-in and day-out to provide education, health care, housing and other important services. Shareholders viewed “Defining Our Destiny,” a video showcasing the seven nonprofit organizations affiliated with CIRI.

To best accommodate its geographically diverse shareholder and descendants, CIRI rotates the schedule for its annual meeting between Anchorage, Kenai and the Pacific Northwest. Next year’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held in Kenai.