2016 Annual Meeting Prize Winners

The 2016 Annual Meeting of CIRI Shareholders included cash prize drawings for shareholders who submitted a valid proxy by the proxy deadline (May 26) for any proxyholder or candidate, or who registered to vote in person at the Annual Meeting. The winners, whose names are listed below, were chosen by random drawings conducted by Sramek Hightower, the independent accounting firm retained to assist with vote tabulation.

Gregory James Hopson $5,000
Linda Carol Powers $2,500
Chris Alan Kruger $750
Robert James Ekstrom Jr. $750
Laura Ann Hermansen $750
Tamara S. Turner $750
Sharon L. Isaak $750
Guy John Hughes $500
Brenda Lynn Boudreau $500
Helen Kate Anawrok $500
Paris Karlee Lokanin $500
Michael Arthur Stephan $500
Lenore A. Doleman Jonsson $100
Angela Leraye Fry Averett $100
Sherilee Anne Williams $100
Gerasim Timothy Colberg $100
Patricia Ann Fulton $100
Adrianna Chantell Lieb $100
John Thomas Ward $100
Garbriel James Darien $100
David Paul Stepanoff $100
Mary Patricia Moyer $100