2016 Board Election Results

Preliminary results indicate that CIRI shareholders elected five individuals to the CIRI Board of Directors at the company’s 2016 Annual Meeting June 4 in Puyallup, Wash.

These individuals include four incumbent directors and one new director: Hallie L. Bissett, Michael R. Boling, Rolf A. Dagg and Thomas P. Huhndorf were re-elected and Margaret L. Brown was elected to serve three-year terms. The Board met after the Annual Meeting and elected the following officers:

Chair – Thomas P. Huhndorf
Vice Chair – Douglas W. Fifer
Secretary – Jeffrey A. Gonnason
Treasurer – Michael R. Boling
Assistant Secretary – Louis “Lou” Nagy Jr.
Assistant Treasurer – Penny L. Carty
Chair Emeritus – Roy M. Huhndorf

There were no resolutions presented this year.