2020 Farewell Sheep Hunting Permits

About 200 miles west of Anchorage, near Farewell, Alaska, lie two townships of mountainous CIRI property. As in previous years, recreational use permits will be issued for access to portions of the Farewell area for Dall sheep hunting in 2020.

Access permits to CIRI lands near Farewell are awarded through a random drawing. The general public may apply for access; however, CIRI shareholders and their immediate family members, confirmed, registered CIRI descendants and CIRI employees are drawn in a separate priority lottery, ensuring first choice of hunting periods. There is no charge to apply, and permits are currently issued free of charge.

Additionally, CIRI is pleased to again make access permits available by lottery for the Unit 19 Youth Hunt. Though available through the same lottery system as the general hunt, permits are limited to CIRI shareholders, confirmed, registered CIRI descendants and children of CIRI employees.

  • Applications will be accepted through March 31, 2020, with the drawing held in early April.
  • The Youth Hunt will be held Aug. 1-5, 2020.
  • The general season hunting period is Aug. 10 to Sept. 20, 2020.

As in past years, hunters may access the area via Veleska Lake to the north or Smith Lake to the south. For conservation purposes, access permits will be issued for up to 10 days, nine nights, and each hunting party (up to four individuals) will be limited to taking two legal rams. All state hunting regulations apply.

For additional details and to complete the online permit application, visit ciri.com/our-lands/permitting. To register as a CIRI descendant, visit ciri.com/descendant-registration.