AIC wins two Juneau area construction contracts

Alaska Interstate Construction LLC (AIC) recently won two construction contracts in the Juneau area of Southeast Alaska. The company successfully bid for the principal civil and piping contract for the tailings facility at Coeur Alaska’s Kensington Mine. Coeur awarded the contract on Aug. 21. AIC also won a $28.6 million contract to complete runway safety area improvements at Juneau International Airport on Aug. 10.

The tailings facility at Lower Slate Lake is the only remaining construction left before the Kensington Mine can begin gold production. The first phase of the project involves hauling rock from the port area to the tailings facility site. Following that, most of the 80-acre lake will be pumped out to an acceptable level of construction and a temporary dam will be erected so work can begin on a permanent dam. AIC contracted with a local tribal corporation to provide AIC project-specific socio-economic and cultural outreach services.

“After the water is controlled, we’ll start foundation excavation down to bedrock, then start constructing the shot rock dam embankment,” said Brent Cleaves, AIC project manager. “The dam will be approximately 75 to 80 feet high, based on the foundation.”

AIC must also construct a 12-inch welded slurry line to feed tailings into the lake from the mine. The line will be approximately 25,000 feet long. Electrical and fiber optic lines will also be laid alongside the slurry line. The companies estimate the project could conclude in late 2010.

AIC’s successful bid for the Juneau International Airport contract will extend the airport’s runway at both ends, which requires extensive filling and dredging.

AIC will also improve taxiways and lighting, realign an adjacent creek and trail and dredge the float plane pond and build float plane ramps. The project is the largest earthworks project ever undertaken in Juneau.

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