“Pick-Click-Give” includes CIRI nonprofits

Alaskans considering donating some or all of their Permanent Fund dividend to the PFD Charitable Contributions Program, known as “Pick-Click-Give,” can find organizations in the CIRI family and other Alaska Native entities in the program’s list of charitable groups.

Several CIRI nonprofit affiliates are listed in the “Pick-Click-Give” program. The Alaska Native Heritage Center is a well known Anchorage cultural center and museum that educates visitors on the rich heritage of Alaska’s indigenous peoples and offers many educational programs for young people. The Alaska Native Justice Center serves as a bridge between Alaska Natives and Alaska’s justice systems, providing programs and services that help Alaska Natives address and resolve their legal needs. Cook Inlet Tribal Council offers more than 35 social, educational and employment programs to Alaska Natives and Native Americans living in the Cook Inlet region, serving an average of 12,000 people annually. Koahnic Broadcast Corp. is a media center that brings Native voices to Alaska and the nation through a selection of radio programming broadcast by public and tribal radio stations across the country. Koahnic also owns KNBA 90.3FM, the first Native radio station located in an urban market.

While the CIRI family of nonprofit organizations provides services for Alaska Natives and Native Americans, all Alaskans in Southcentral Alaska benefit indirectly from their programs. The “Pick- Click-Give” program also includes other Alaska Native organizations, such as The Aleut Foundation, the Alutiiq Museum, First Alaskans Institute, Kawerak Inc., Koniag Educational Foundation, Qutekcak Native Tribe, Sealaska Heritage Institute and Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center.

CIRI encourages its shareholders to consider donating some or all of their Permanent Fund dividend through the “Pick-Click-Give” program. To participate, fill out the Permanent Fund application online at www.pfd.state.ak.us. After completing the online application, several options for voluntary giving will be offered. Simply choose the Charitable Contributions program option.

For more information, go to www.pickclickgive.org.