CIRI Spotlight: Bernadene “Bernie” Henrie

Assisting CIRI shareholders comes naturally to Bernadene “Bernie” Henrie, a CIRI shareholder from Anchorage and Wasilla. She not only served on a Shareholder Participation Committee (SPC), but also helps shareholders with name changes, stock gifting and other issues as a Stock Transfer Technician in CIRI’s Shareholder Relations Department.

Bernie served as chair of the Anchorage SPC. When asked why she applied to serve on the committee, she said she did it on a whim when she received her proxy packet.

All voting shareholders receive a questionnaire about CIRI prior to CIRI’s Annual Meeting, and shareholders who are interested in serving on an SPC committee submit the card no later than the day of the Annual Meeting. A random drawing from questionnaires that have been answered correctly is held the following week; chosen SPC members typically serve three years.

Bernie said she enjoyed serving as an SPC member. She really liked interacting with shareholders and meeting new people. She said that serving on the committee was also quite an education.

“While working with her, I have seen how she absorbs information from shareholder meetings and events to better help her fellow shareholders by sharing information about CIRI and our family of nonprofits,” said Ann Gibbs, CIRI shareholder records manager and SPC liaison. “Now that Bernie works for CIRI in the Shareholder Relations department, she has a unique view, which helps her relate with shareholders. I am very happy that Bernie accepted the position and hope shareholders get the opportunity to meet her at future shareholder meetings and events.”

In her role in Shareholder Relations, Bernie assists shareholders in person and over the phone with name changes, minors reaching the age of majority and stock gifting. She says the best thing about her job so far is the people she works with. Overall, she says she trusts the direction that CIRI is going and she values the leadership CIRI has.

“The main thing I learned from being on the SPC committee was how approachable our Board members are,” said Bernie. “By coming to work for CIRI, I learned that CIRI is involved in the community, and they do their best to serve the shareholders and preserve the company for future generations.”

Volunteerism is not new to Bernie. She is a member of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassador Committee. As an active participant, she is not only able to network with other business professionals in Anchorage but also develop leadership and project management skills that are useful in the work environment.

Bernie says she enjoys being involved in community events that impact the Anchorage community. Bernie’s future plans include buying a house and returning to college to pursue a degree.