CIRI Job and Resource Fair, January 2014

Building on the success of the 2013 CIRI Job and Resource Fair, CIRI is pleased to announce the opportunity for shareholders and descendants to attend the next fair scheduled for Jan. 28, 2014.
The 2013 Job and Resource Fair created the opportunity for more than 120 shareholders and descendants of all ages to meet with representatives from CIRI-affiliated companies, tribal and village entities, and other organizations to discover new opportunities for employment.
“The way I was spoken to by company representatives was friendly and courteous. I received lots of information about jobs of which I can and will apply for,” commented a 2013 shareholder attendee.
During the 2013 fair, various industries were present from tourism and construction to nonprofit businesses and law enforcement agencies.
The representatives were pleased with the turnout and the potential of CIRI shareholders and descendants that attended. When asked the reason for attending the job fair, the majority stated, “To increase Alaska Native hire.”
In order to increase relevance to the attendees, CIRI has created an online survey to find out what types of employment opportunities and industries shareholders and descendants would like represented at the 2014 Job and Resource Fair. To complete the survey, visit
CIRI is reaching out to more vendors to attend the 2014 Job and Resource Fair. If your organization is interested in being a vendor, please contact the CIRI Human Resource department at (907) 274-8638. As the CIRI Job and Resource Fair draws closer, additional information will be provided about specific companies attending, what positions they are seeking to fill and on how to prepare for the event.