CIRI partners with Alaska Laborers’ Union

CIRI and Alaska Laborers’ Union Local 341 have partnered to provide an apprenticeship program to interested CIRI shareholders and descendants. The apprenticeship program offers participants the opportunity to gain skills necessary for success in the construction industry through on-the-job training while earning wages and benefits.
“Working together for shareholder development that adds more jobs and opportunities for the state of Alaska is something that we take a lot of pride in,” said Joey Merrick, business manager and secretary-treasurer of Laborers’ Local 341.
CIRI descendant Edward Jones is a current apprentice. He has been working in Valdez this past winter learning skills that range from scaffold building, insulation and carpentry work to snow removal.
“It is hard work, but it is fun when you are learning new things all the time,” said Jones about his new career.
The Alaska Laborers’ Union Local 341 is accepting applications for its apprenticeship program. Contact the Alaska Laborers’ Training School at (907) 272-4571 to learn more about this opportunity.