CIRI Debuts Shareholder Portal

Qenek is a Dena’ina Athabascan word that means “news” or “information.” CIRI’s shareholder portal, aptly named Qenek, is a free online resource that provides shareholders easy access to a wealth of information.

The portal can be accessed through a secure link on the CIRI website. It allows shareholders the convenience of making certain record changes online, such as updating mailing addresses and other contact information, viewing payment information, printing dividend confirmations, viewing information about the shares owned, viewing and printing tax information and RSVPing for events.

Who Can Register?

You must be a CIRI shareholder at least 18 years of age and not subject to guardianship or conservatorship orders, provided there is an email address in the CIRI stock records and that email address was not used by another shareholder to create a Qenek account. As an example, if a husband and wife are both shareholders and have the same email address on file with CIRI, only one may create a portal account using that email address.

Getting Ready to Register

You will need your shareholder identification (ID) number, which can be found on your shareholder ID card. Replacement cards may be requested on the CIRI website. You will also need to enter the “primary” email address you have on file with CIRI. If you participate in the eNewsletter program, you will enter the email address to which your eNewsletters are sent. If you don’t receive eNewsletters but have communicated with Shareholder Relations by email or have otherwise provided your email address to Shareholder Relations, use that email address. If you would like to add an email address to your stock records, or have an email address on file but have forgotten it, please contact Shareholder Relations.