CIRI is making our office more sustainable by starting a

CIRI is making our office more sustainable by starting a waste prevention and reduction program. The company encourages employees and visitors to recycle aluminum cans and type-1 (PETE) plastic bottles by depositing them in collection bins that are being placed in first and fifth floor CIRI kitchens and other locations. 

Type 1 or PETE (polyethylene terephalate ethylenein) plastic is used in soft drink, juice, water, detergent, cleaner and some food product bottles. Please avoid contamination by rinsing recycle items and removing lids from plastic containers before placing them in the collection bins. You can identify type-1 (PETE) containers by looking for the recycling symbol with the number “1” on the container or label.

Watch for more information about how you can help CIRI reduce or eliminate office waste.

Why Recycle?
Recycling aluminum uses 96 percent less energy than producing new aluminum.
Recycled type-1 (PETE) plastic bottles are reused to make clothing, carpet, film, food and beverage containers and luggage.
Recycling reduces consumption of virgin resources including timber, petroleum and mined products including bauxite, silica sand, limestone and metal ores.
Recycling extends the useable life of landfills.