CIRI annual shareholder meeting

Cupiit Yarartet Dancers performing at the Annual Meeting in Puyallup, Wash.
Cupiit Yarartet Dancers performing at the Annual Meeting in Puyallup, Wash.

CIRI shareholders came together for the 40th Annual Meeting of CIRI Shareholders and elected five incumbent directors to the CIRI Board of Directors. The meeting was held in Puyallup, Wash. June 1 at the Chief Leschi School.

According to preliminary results, the five Board members elected to fill three year terms include Charles G. Anderson, Hallie L. Bissett, Michael R. Boling, Rolf A. Dagg and Thomas P. Huhndorf. The five incumbents were all included on the slate of candidates recommended by the Board of Directors.
The Board convened after the Annual Meeting concluded and elected the following officers:
  • Thomas P. Huhndorf, Chairman
  • Douglas W. Fifer, Vice Chairman
  • Jeffrey A. Gonnason, Secretary
  • Michael R. Boling, Treasurer
  • Louis “Lou” Nagy Jr., Assistant Secretary
  • Penny L. Carty, Assistant Treasurer
The Board also appointed Charles Anderson as Chair Emeritus. CIRI Board member Roy Huhndorf also serves as Chair Emeritus. Shareholders did not submit any resolutions for consideration at the meeting. Final election results will be posted on after they are certified by the inspector of election.
In her presentation to shareholders, CIRI President and CEO Sophie Minich debuted the “Investing at Home” video highlighting CIRI’s investments in the Cook Inlet region. The video, which was produced by CIRI, is online at
Minich discussed the other initiatives CIRI has undertaken in the company’s ongoing commitment to fulfill the CIRI mission. Minich said a priority for CIRI is to increase engagement with shareholders.
“A hallmark of our success will be measured by the degree to which CIRI is as important for the next generation of shareholders as it has been to my generation and those who came before,” Minich said.
“Maintaining strong dividends is a key to this strategy; but it involves much more, including our support of the CIRI family of nonprofits, assisting shareholders with career opportunities and enhancing our cultural heritage. This is an important strategic focus of the Board and management.”
Due to shareholder demographics, CIRI rotates the schedule for its annual meeting between Anchorage, Kenai and the Pacific northwest. Next year’s annual meeting will be held in Anchorage.