CIRI strives to ensure correspondence, reports, newsletters and dividends reach

CIRI strives to ensure correspondence, reports, newsletters and dividends reach shareholders in a timely manner. It is important for shareholders to notify CIRI Shareholder Relations and the U.S. Postal Service of all address changes. The following CIRI shareholders do not have a current mailing address on record with the shareholder relations department, and should fill out the change of address form in this newsletter, at CIRI’s offices, or download it from CIRI’s website. You can also write a letter, signed by the shareholder, which includes the new address, telephone number, birth date and social security number.

Abfalter, William Frank
Anasogak, Wayne Bert
Bahr, Kenneth Clayton
Behrens, James Gregory
Boire, James Wayne
Boyle, Kenneth Lawrence
Bright, Steven Patrick
Brown, James Patrick
Buzby, Janice Roberta
Chapman, Oliver Wendell
Cizek, Wendy Lynn
Cleghorn, John Scott
Cook, Tilford Don
Dennis, Pondador Lee
Dhume, Louise Ann
Dyer, Howard Gene
Finley, George Evene III
Frostad, Rolf Edward
Fuller, Richard Raymond
Garrett, Marisa Anita
Graves, David Allen Jr
Handsaker, Sandra Lee
Hauck, Nancy Mae
Heinrich, Myrtle Bernice
Jacobs, Vyola M
Johannes, Kenneth James
Joslyn, Marilyn Elizabeth
Joy, James A
Keene, Lisa Lyn
Kirsch, Cindy Lee
Kreun, Daniel Lee
Larson, Alice Marie
Lestenkof, Janet
Lestenkof, Michael  Jr
Lopez, Darren Lee
Mark, Helena Dimmick
McComsey, Angela VCL
Miller, Michael Keith
Moore, Shaun Michael
Munson, Carol Ann
Paddock, Constance Helen
Peterson, Michael Gary
Phillips, Victor Lynn
Richardson, Gary A
Ross, Terry Joe
Schweitzer, Donna Marie
Scott, Monika Louise
Segura, David Lee Jr
Serradell, William Frank
Soxie, Dalene Ruth
Stewart, Henry Gene
Stonefield, Betty Lee
Takeuchi, Veronica Ann
Warner, William J
Wells, Dolly Barbara
Winter, Irene Elsie
Wohnoutka, Theresa Marie
Zimmerman, Christopher Richard