CIRI’s Next Generation: Haiku Challenge

CIRI shareholders and confirmed, registered CIRI descendants who are 10-17 years of age, and have permission from the parent or guardian, are invited to write and submit an original, unpublished haiku based on the topic noted below for a chance to win the following prizes:

  • First place $100
  • Second place $75
  • Third place $50

What is a Haiku?

A haiku is a Japanese poem. Haiku is pronounced high-coo. Haikus have seventeen syllables (three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables), and customarily include references to an aspect of nature or the seasons.

Haiku Topic and Format

For this contest, your Haiku should focus on your hero. It is not necessary to include references to nature or the seasons, but your unrhymed Haiku should be submitted in the 5-7-5 format shown in the example below:

The winter wind blows
The last leaves from the branches
Of shivering birch


Eligible entries will be reviewed and judged based on 1) responding fully to the topic; 2) spelling and grammar; 3) Haiku structure (5-7-5 form); and 4) creativity. If CIRI has returned mail for the selected winner, or if the email address or phone number is not valid, another winner will be selected.


Entries should be typed or written legibly and must be received by CIRI Shareholder Relations on or before 3 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30. Be sure to include your full name, a telephone number for your parent or guardian and his or her full name. Entries will not be returned, so if you want a copy, be sure to keep one. Submissions may be:

Hand-delivered: Shareholder Relations, 725 E Fireweed Lane, Ste. 800, Anchorage

Mailed: CIRI Shareholder Relations at PO Box 93330, Anchorage, AK 99509-3330

Scanned and emailed: (write “Haiku” in the subject line)


At CIRI’s discretion, the winners’ names, communities, cultural affiliations, the name of the parent and/or the name of the shareholder from whom winner is descended and copies of the winning haikus will be printed in CIRI’s Raven’s Circle newsletter and/or other publications and posted on CIRI’s website and social media sites. There will be no financial compensation of any type associated with such use or publication.


For further information, please contact the Shareholder Relations department at (800) 764-2474 or (907) 263-4191.