Coming Soon: Cultures of CIRI and Virtual Mentoring Program

CIRI is rolling out two exciting new web-based programs in early 2021— Cultures of CIRI and virtual mentoring, both of which offer shareholders and descendants the opportunity to connect, share and learn from one another from the comfort and safety of home.

Cultures of CIRI

Alaska Native peoples have long used storytelling as a means of communication—to educate, present ideas and values, and simply to entertain. An innovative story-sharing platform, Cultures of CIRI will provide shareholders and descendants an opportunity to share “sukdu”—Dena’ina Athabascan for “stories”—and connect with one another. An interactive Cultures of CIRI website will allow visitors to both share their own stories and hear the stories of others.

Virtual Mentoring

With the goal of providing professional and personal enrichment to maximize potential, develop skills, improve performance and achieve goals, CIRI’s virtual mentoring program will provide mentorship in several areas—careers, culture, board service and more. Unlike traditional top-down mentoring, CIRI’s program will cultivate a reciprocal relationship between mentor and mentee where each develops through a two-way transfer of experience and perspective. Matching will be done through a competitive process, and CIRI will help guide and support the program.

More information on Cultures of CIRI and the virtual mentoring program will be provided in early 2021. Questions may be directed to Darla Graham, senior manager, shareholder engagement, at [email protected].