Direct Deposit Vouchers to be Discontinued

Beginning with the March 2020 distributions, paper vouchers will no longer be mailed to shareholders who receive their payments via direct deposit.

In addition to being better for the environment, eliminating vouchers will reduce costs associated with voucher stock, printer ink and postage. Distribution information will continue to be available in the shareholder portal, Qenek, with directly deposited payments reflecting the last four digits of the bank account to which funds were deposited.

As a reminder, shareholders who participate in direct deposit should continue to either update their addresses in Qenek or send a signed address change request to the Shareholder Relations department any time their address changes, and should also keep their address updated with the U.S. Postal Service. Failure to do so typically results in CIRI mail being returned as undeliverable, in which case future distributions are held, interest-free, and the shareholder does not qualify to participate in any prize drawings until the address is updated. Learn more about Qenek at