CIRI supports Native language program for PBS Kids, In My Family

Sophie Minich with Raven filming "In My Family."
Sophie Minich with Raven filming “In My Family.”

If your family watches children’s programming on public television, don’t be surprised if you see CIRI President and Chief Executive Officer Sophie Minich make an appearance. Minich is helping to tout a new program from Alaska Public Media called In My Family.

CIRI is helping to sponsor In My Family, which promotes Alaska Native culture by sharing a word each day from one of the Native languages. The colorful vignettes feature Raven, a handcrafted puppet, joined by a representative from an Alaska Native culture as they discuss the word of the day. The vignettes will air three times daily, seven days a week during PBS Kids programming.
In My Family represents an innovative approach by Alaska Public Media to celebrate and promote Alaska’s diverse Native languages,” Minich said. “Part of the mission of CIRI is to promote our Native heritage. We are proud to be a major sponsor of this programming and encourage Alaska’s youth to join Raven in learning about Alaska Native languages.” Minich recently visited the Alaska Public Media studio to appear with Raven in a promotional spot that will air on public television.