Meet CIRI’s Summer Interns

InternsAs part of CIRI’s commitment to provide shareholders and descendants valuable experience in their career fields, this summer CIRI placed five young shareholders and descendants in temporary positions.

The goal of CIRI’s internship program is to increase shareholder relevance and deepen engagement with the next generation entering the workforce. By creating opportunities for students and recent graduates to directly apply their education in a practical work setting, they gain excellent experience and insight into CIRI’s culture and businesses. Interns are also provided development and mentorship opportunities.

“CIRI’s summer internship program attracts talent from all over the U.S.,” said Talent Manager Darla Graham. “Interns bolster their resumes and make connections, and the company benefits from increased productivity, fresh ideas, and specialized strengths and skill sets.”

Please join CIRI in welcoming its 2017 summer interns:

  • KC Chickalusion
    CIRI Business Development/Shareholder Programs 
  • Drew Johnson
    CIRI Corporate Communications 
  • Josephine Kamkoff
    CIRI subsidiary North Wind Group 
  • Autumn Olson
    CIRI Human Resources 
  • Brandi Wheelehan
    Alaska Federation of Natives