‘Molly of Denali’ Premieres July 15 on PBS

An action-adventure comedy that follows the adventures of spunky and resourceful 10-year-old Molly Mabray, “Molly of Denali” holds the distinction of being the first nationally distributed children’s series in the U.S. to feature an Alaska Native lead character.

Molly helps her mom and dad run the Denali Trading Post in the fictional village of Qyah, Alaska. Each episode follows Molly, her dog Suki, and her friends Tooey and Trini on their daily adventures in Alaska. The series is designed to help kids ages 4-8 develop knowledge and skills for interacting with informational texts, including books, field guides, historical archives and indigenous knowledge from Elders.

“Molly of Denali” is being developed as part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS’s Ready to Learn initiative, with funding from the U.S. Department of Education. The series will debut nationwide July 15 on all PBS stations, the 24/7 PBS Kids channel and PBS Kids digital platforms. For more information, visit pbskids.org/molly.